And my boy Timmy has read my email...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jian, Mar 3, 2014.

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    So recently I took my Macbook Pro to an Apple Store for service, and long story short, applecare and apple genius told me different things and none of them could figure out what went wrong.

    I wasted an hour and half in the store for things to get settled, and I emailed Tim Cook, not to whine, but to tell him what happened and what I think about the experience, which was quite positive for the result but somewhat negative for the misunderstanding between applecare and genius.

    Anyway, I just got a call from Michael who works as Apple Executive Relations, he said Tim has read my email and wants some follow up, he admits that things could be done better and apologized.

    Over the phone, I told him it's ok because its all settled now and I appreciate Apple reaching out to customers, but inside of me, I went like "OH $@#$ YES!!!! I'm a %@#$@^* BAWSSSSSS!!!!!"

    Also, second reply from Tim's team too.
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    I won't go into specifics, as I think it crass that people receive emails from the likes of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs before him only to blather the contents all over the intertubes, but yeah: I can attest Tim does read his email, and he does respond and/or make things happen. Tim's pretty awesome IMHO. I'm very glad he's on "our side." Stellar executive and fine human being, and so far getting far less credit than he deserves considering so much of Apple's success came after he was quietly in charge as Steve sadly faded over several years.
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    I think that is stellar customer service. :D Thank you for sharing.

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