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    Feb 24, 2009
    The PowerBook 5300cs was from the familiy of the very first PowerPC equipped Apple laptops, so it deserves special attention and care.

    Recently I gave new life to my old PowerBook 5300cs with a hard drive - CF card replacement, and a brand new Dell Truemobile pcmcia wifi card.

    I purchased a simple cf-ide adapter for around 5 USD, and a 2 GB CF for another 15 USD. I copied OS 8.6 onto the CF with the help of my trusty PB Lombard. It was relatively easy to replace the hard drive, the only issue was properly mounting the CF and the adapter.

    After installing the Orinoco 7.2 drivers the Dell Truemobile pcmcia wifi works like a charm.

    So while this machine is obviously slow by todays standards, it is still an absolut joy to use. Completely silent, and holds a bit of mistery.

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    Well done, pistooli. It's always great to see these older machines still chugging along.
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    Jun 17, 2011
    That's really nice. There's so much that still actually can be done with these things. And it looks really good as well.

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