Android equivalent of Apple upgrade plan?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Exinor, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Does Android have an equivalent plan with any carrier, retail or otherwise that's similar to the in-store Apple upgrade program? The Apple upgrade program provides applecare, and an unlocked phone at a monthly rate where you can upgrade in 12 months... our preferred carrier is ATT, so I'm aware of ATT next, but that doesn't include a warranty as far as I can tell. My preferred retail chain is Best Buy, do they do similar financing plans for phones in-house, and does it include warranty? My wife currently uses android and I wanted to push her to go to Apple because her phone is terrible (I mean literally--it has a hard time receiving and making calls), but she may want to stick with Android.

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    Apple upgrade program only includes AppleCare because you pay for it. No different than AT&T next and buying insurance separately. You get slightly less value at trade in but it's not that different.
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    Best buy piggybacks off of the carrier's financing, although you can do BB interest free financing but it's not geared towards smartphones in particular, or just a BB credit card but then you have interest. BB's warranty plans tend to be overpriced IMO. If you finance through AT&T you can just pay them monthly, but it's expensive. You can also do squaretrade which offers much cheaper warranty plans and is a reputable company.

    I believe Samsung does financing like Apple does, with warranty and everything, I haven't looked into it though. Not sure if any other oems also do this. There is nothing blanket wide for Android as there are so many phone makers out there, not sure if Google has plans for their phones but I believe Huawei has a plan for the 6p.

    IMO your best bet is if you are loyal to Best Buy is to buy from them, wait for a promo they usually have them with new flagship phones, but use the carriers programs like Next for financing. Then just get squaretrade warranty for accidental coverage.
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    OP - if your wife doesnt need cutting edge specs, it's worth mentioning (in case you're not aware) that budget and mid-range Android phones released in the last year or two (e.g. Moto G) are generally excellent compared to older Android phones. You probably won't need to spread the cost on these.

    They launched this in South Korea and the UK a couple of months ago. Don't know if it's launched in the US though?
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    Very True

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