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    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help. My girlfriend has a gallery showing friday, she was planning on having a book to show some work that won't be on the walls as well as some text that goes along with it. However, it got delayed and most probably won't make it for the premiere.

    So, she'd like to show her website on an HP touchpad she has access to that's running Android. The thing is, the tablet would need to be limited to her website, preferably in full screen, removing the buttons and the status bar and most of all be stuck in the web browser.

    My question is, is there such an app for android app that can enable some kind of kiosk mode like that? I've seen iPads in kiosk mode but I think it was an image gallery app. While not ideal, that could also work.

    I've found this, . But it seems to be more of an enterprise solution.

    EDIT, I found this which seems to do most of what I want. Any opinions on it or alternatives to suggest?

    EDIT EDIT crap, it's just a trials version, it tells you it's a trial after so many pages, sadly the price is kind of steep at 45$ for what she needs out of it. Any other suggestions?
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    The second option seems to be able to work for you guys, the pro version just allow for other options.

    Install and see if the limitations will not be a problem.
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    Are you running Cyanogenmod 10.1? If so, extended desktop mode (if supported) would hide the soft buttons on it. Then re-enable them from the power menu when done.

    As for limiting the browser, I have no idea sadly!

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