Android silver said to be on hold, its future uncertain

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    This pretty much sums it up, and makes sense why 'Silver' isn't happening = blame the evil carriers :mad: Plus realistically it would't sell well anyways, if the carriers were against it.

    Android silver said to be on hold, its future uncertain

    In addition, these sources claim the manufacturers were not too eager to join the program, as they would need to give concessions to Google for advertising. Googlers also believed the program would not succeed in mass markets.

    This initiative would be great for the tech geeks, but the consumer wouldn’t be as enticed to patronize it. It’s not like Android One, which is expected to get huge support due to its affordable nature. All of these factors turn Android Silver into a big mass of uncertainty, but we do have the Nexus program and Android One to lean on.
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    I would have loved to have seen this. But while it would have been great for Google and for me, I don't see how it would benefit the OEM's or the carriers.
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    Nexus programme breaths a sigh of relief .....

    Actually manufacturers are doing more to come around to Google's way of thinking. Nearly all the main skins for android have been flattened, and even touchwiz shares a lot of similar design aesthetic cues from stock now.

    If reduction in bloat continues in these flagships, then there may not be a need for Android silver anyway.
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