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Aug 4, 2013
Having recently switched back to iPhone from Android, the one thing I miss about Android is the way it organizes your photos. It puts everything you shot on your phone's camera into its own folder and then stuff you downloaded from various other apps or websites into their own folders.

iOS Photos just dumps everything into the camera roll. It organizes some things like selfies and panoramas and portraits, but doesn't seem to have a way to specify photos you shot into it's own folder versus images you downloaded.

Is there another app that does?

Bonus question: Is there an easy way to make this separation when transferring photos from iPhone to Mac?
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Dec 8, 2011
I have used this app before and still have it but not as a photo organizer. Main drawback with 3rd party photo management apps is any albums, tags, comments you can add to the photo is not available system-wide and for many reasons you have to come back to the stock Photos app and it doesn't show any of those customization.
What would be really good is if those tags could be incorporated into exif metadata which can be accessed by other apps as well.

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