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Sep 2, 2014
I have an iPad mini (pre-retina edition) and have been reading a lot of comic books on it lately using Comic Zeal.

However, my eyesight is very poor and the display is too small for me to read them in portrait orientation, I've been reading in landscape and swiping the pages up and down.

While this works, it is far from ideal, some comics have text too small even to read like this and I'm forced to pinch-and-zoom.

Furthermore, I use my iPad for absolutely nothing else, my MacBook and iPhone fulfill all my other computing needs.

As such, I'm looking to sell the iPad and buy a massive, cheap tablet, purely for reading comic books on.

Here are the top two candidates right now:

Both have 1280x800 displays, both run Android 4.2, and I can buy each new for ~130€.

The main differences that I can discern are:

  • Gemeni Q13 has a 13.3" display at 114ppi, weighs 1154g, and only has access to the Amazon App Store
  • Lenovo IdeaPad has a 10.1" display at 150ppi, weighs 560g, and has access to the Google Play Store

Considering standard printed comic book pages are 6.6x10.25", the Gemeni's 7.1x11.3" display would be far superior to the Lenovo's 5.4x8.6". However, it does weigh more than twice as much.

My main concern other than hardware is the comic book reading application I would use. Comic Zeal is wonderful on iOS, the best Android alternative I've found from searching seems to be ComiCat (Google & Amazon).

Has anyone used ComiCat? And does anyone have experience using an Android tablet that only has access to the Amazon App Store?

Also, are there any other hardware suggestions or recommendations?


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Sep 2, 2014
I've not yet bought either tablet, had a third idea:

Mounting my 2560x1440 27" Dell display on a posable arm in such a way that I can use it both at my desk in landscape orientation for regular computing, and then in portrait orientation when sitting in the armchair that's just next to said desk.

The display rotates, so I've checked the viewing angles and the colours, comics look really nice on it in any orientation.

And I was intending on using any large, comic-dedicated tablet only when sitting in an armchair anyway, don't want to take it out of the house.

This has the advantage of both being far more enormous than even a 13" tablet, and then also weighing literally nothing in my hands. I can use the spacebar on my bluetooth keyboard to advance pages.

Does anyone else read comics on a large monitor in this way? What are your thoughts?


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May 3, 2010
If you do have zero intentions of reading outside then the third options looks best in my book. Bigger screen, more cost effective and no need to transfer anything from one device to another.

I sometimes read on my PC i prefer the tablet though as it provides that mock feeling of having a book in your hand. Still no problems reading on a PC.
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