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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Arcadia310, Jun 24, 2011.

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    You guys have probably seen these topics before, but hey, this is a forum and we're allowed to voice our opinions. :p

    I first got into smartphones early in 2010 when my friend showed me the Google Nexus One. I did some research on it and was blown away; it was so far ahead of anything else currently on the market and the design of it was phenomenal. The Nexus One turned me into a smartphone addict but I never actually got one, it was too pricey and you couldn't actually use it in a retail store before buying it. I ended up getting a myTouch 3G Slide on T-Mobile, which I later sold for a Samsung Vibrant.

    Before the Nexus One, the iPhone never really piqued my interest. It didn't seem like a smartphone, more like a really advanced regular phone almost. I didn't like how almost every iPhone seemed like a minor jump over the previous model and the software was just a black background with a bunch of icons. Android just seemed more powerful and interesting.

    The first iPhone that really caught my eye was the iPhone 4. The design was absolutely gorgeous (I still think it's one of the best designed phones available) and the screen resolution is still unmatched. However, I wasn't about to switch to AT&T/Verizon and pay double for my plan just to have an iPhone. I stayed with Android for the time being.

    At this point I was really getting into the Android craze. I would get every phone that came out, and I still do. After the Vibrant I got the G2, then the myTouch 4G, the Nexus S, then the G2x, and now I'm using the HTC Sensation 4G. While all of these phones were good, they all lacked something. I got into the whole rooting and hacking scene, but after a while it just gets old. I don't understand why people want to hack and root every phone that comes out. Don't you just want the phone to work out of the box? It's such a nerdy thing to become obsessed over.

    Also, Android has become a spec battle just like the PC market. Phones are coming out every other week with slightly better specs than the last model. I honestly think if Samsung or HTC could release fewer phones per year, but make more dramatic changes/upgrades, they could do a lot better. A lot of people are turned off from Android because "there's too many phones out". Everyone is so obsessed about specs that they forget about what really matters, the user experience. As I mentioned previously, I'm currently using an HTC Sensation 4G. For the first week, the phone was phenomenal. There was no lag, no crashes, and everything seemed good. After the first week, my touchscreen is no longer as responsive, the software has bogged down a lot, it crashes/glitches more often and it's just ridiculous. I payed $600 for this phone and it honestly feels like a phone from last year.

    I love Android, but it needs major improvements. Every major game/app that Android gets has been on iOS for months in the past and the Android version is usually of much lower quality. To top things off, not every app/game is compatible with all devices. Your high-end game may run well on your tablet, but it won't even work on your phone. What kind of crap is that? Apparently Google wants to fix this with Ice Cream Sandwich this Fall, but no one wants to invest in an ecosystem that isn't even stable and is fragmented to hell and back. Everything Google releases feels like a Beta. Android Honeycomb tablets are a freaking joke (I've owned a Motorola XOOM and now a SGT 10.1). The software is so damn buggy. If you go to the web browser and quickly jump back to the home screen, the OS "restarts" itself and has to reload everything on your home screen. It's silly.

    The Sensation really pushed me over the limit. Now I just want a device that works and I don't have to hack to **** just to make it run reliably. In all honesty, the iPhone 4 has held it's own better than any Android phone out. I wouldn't even think of buying an Android phone with a 1Ghz CPU, but I sure as hell would buy an iPhone 4 if it was on my carrier. I've never hated Apple like so many Android dweebs do. I like Apple a lot because of the quality of their products, and the fact they're an American company (Yes I'm American). I'm just really tired of this all out spec battle on Android with little to no quality control or reliability. The Android market is straight up laughable compared to the App Store. I review phones as a job right now (I'm currently in college and its a good way to make money) so I will buy forthcoming Android phones, but I plan on making the next iPhone my daily driver.

    I think Apple has something big planned for this Fall. Apple didn't delay the iPhone just because of Verizon. There were tons of rumors early this year that Apple is lining things up for a huge Fall surprise. I think they'll announce a souped up Apple TV (not too sure about an actual TV set) that will be your media hub always connected to the iPhone/iPad, the new iPhone & iPod touch, possibly a new model for the iPad, and possibly some big gaming announcements. I also think they'll have different models of the iPhone/iPad like they do with their computers. Think of an iPad Pro kind of deal, or an iPhone Lite. I know many people don't like the idea of this at first, but it makes sense. It would make the iPhone more accessible to a wider audience of users since one size doesn't always fit all.

    I do currently own an iPad 2 and have since day one of its' release. While I do love the tablet, I just crave for more on the software front. iOS is stupidly simple for no reason. It doesn't have to be super complex and nerdy like Android, but it needs more features and visual upgrades to the OS. It's a joke that iOS 5 (Yes I'm using it) looks exactly the same as the iPhone OS. After seeing WebOS in action, it makes iOS looks absolutely archaic (and Android). I would really like to see iOS take some cues from WebOS.

    All in all, I'm a long time Android looking to make a full switch to iOS. I'm tired of the low quality applications/games on Android, and the unreliability of the software. The Sensation 4G should not have the issues I had earlier, and you shouldn't have to root/hack every phone that releases just to make it run better. I've gotten super excited about the iPhone 4S/5 these past few days and I can't wait until its' unveiling.
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    The reason for the delay (in comparison to previous years) I believe is due too Software, not Hardware. Last year Apple released iOS 4.0 to the iPhones and iPod touch, but the iPad had to wait 5 months before it would be unified with the other devices with iOS 4.2. Then 3 months later Apple released the iPhone 4 on Verizon, and now that seems to be running an update behind and is waiting for iOS 5 to finally be unified with the rest.

    So I believe that Apple is taking longer this time around so that when iOS 5 is released, it will be compatible with their current and future hardware devices without any delays between updates.

    Is something big coming this September, I don't know, but their has been a few rumors floating around that Apple has already been testing new hardware in the real world. If that is true, then I believe the hardware has been finalized, now they are just waiting for the Software.
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    @Arcadia310 I totally agree with you. For years my setup was a nokia n95 and ipod 1st touch (i loved this combo). Well unfortunately last year my nokia n95 was stolen but my mother lent me her iPhone 3GS until I found a phone I liked. At that time the only choice I had was to get the g2 and so I paid full price for the phone (I have the even more plus plan so I can only buy full priced phones).

    Initially, I thought the phone and android OS was awesome! After awhile, I started to hate my phone but I still liked what the android OS had to offer. Still deep down inside I want to secretly take my mom's iPhone back because my ipod 1stgen was slowly dying (it needs to be replaced soon) and my g2 wasn't that reliable. However, I just thought maybe rooting the phone would unlock its full potential. It took me months to finally gain the courage to root the phone. I rooted it this week and unrooted it within 48 hours. I wasn't happy with it as it just seemed like the same and it killed my battery life plus other things were just worse than before. Now my brother finally jumped on the cell phone bandwagon and bought a white iPhone 4 with AT&T. I love it and I personally steal it from him when he isn't using it. But like I said it's his and not mine so I can't take it to work, school, or just in general where ever I go.

    I am currently contemplating whether I should switch over to AT&T when the iPhone 4s/5 comes out or stick with T-Mobile and just buy an unlocked iPhone 4s/5. I am praying that they will release a iPhone 4s/5 capable with T-Mobile bands so I can stay with my current plan which is very affordable for an undergrad college student like me and I won't get stuck with 2g speeds.

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