Android User Interface (UI) is Better than Clunky Iphone/iOS

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    Let's look at BASIC UI steps (which you perform numerous times a day) and you will see how much better Android UI is compared to the inefficient, clunky and illogical Iphone/iOS UI.

    1. Main app->open secondary app (e.g. email->open link/file, browser->view pdf etc). To navigating back to main app

    - Tap Home / Double-tap Home
    - Look for the main app icon
    - Tap main app icon

    - Tap back button and you're back at where you left off.

    Note: this is only for secondary app. If you open another app from secondary and so on, it can really be a complete confusion to backtrack in iOS.

    2. Edit/Delete/Other Actions/Settings.

    - To edit item, tap the small arrow on the right of list item
    - To delete, swipe on item to call-out delete and tap delete
    - For other options you use use the slide-up menu or command buttons
    - To change app settings, exit app by pressing home, then go find Settings, then double-tap home, find the app and finally tap again.

    - Simply long press on a list item for popup menu and then select "edit" or "delete", "settings" or other options from the menu.

    3. Category->Items->Detail
    (e.g. mailboxes->inbox->detail or rss->headers->detail etc).

    - to view next Detail page, move thumb to tap the arrow button
    - to move to next category, stretch thumb to hit back button twice and then select next category.

    - to view next Detail page, just swipe
    - to move to next category, hit back button once and swipe on Items view to move to next/prev category.

    4. UI design for one-handed use

    iOS is very unfriendly for one-handed use. "Back" soft-button is placed at top left. So you need to stretch your thumb to reach it. (and "back" is used most often). Also, less "information" viewing area since screen space is wasted to cater for top navigation strip and command buttons.

    Android - menu, back buttons are within easy reach of the resting thumb position. Even notification can be pulled down without needing to reach the top of screen. No screen space wastage.

    5. Conclusion

    I think I have covered most of the UI steps you use routinely. As you can see, iOS is just too inefficient (requiring 2-6 times more taps) compared Android . When iOS first came out, Apple arrogantly told the world the "menu" of other OS belonged to stone-age. But look what happened? Now you have the slide-up menu in iOS.

    Android uses the time-tested UI design methods. The problem with iOS is apple tries to re-invent the wheel and tells everyone that is innovation but make a mess out of it.
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    Mar 29, 2011
    I also find moving icons around Android easier than moving icons around in iOS.
  3. 3bs macrumors 603


    May 20, 2011
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    I don't know if this is Nova or Android in general but I actually think it's a PITA compared to moving them on iOS. I hate that you have to tap and hold each app, wiggle mode in iOS is very convenient in that regard. It's definitely a lot easier on a jailbroken device with MultiIconMover.
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    stock android is a perfect UI (in my eyes). hopefully johnny Ive can overhaul iOS, it's pretty stale and one of the reason I switched to android and I'm pumped up for the nexus 4, also I used iphones for 4 years straight before I get called a android fanboy.
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    Oct 27, 2009
    I agree that while plenty about iOS is well integrated, there is enough about iOS that's all over the place.

    For me, the scattered settings of apps and email is the most noticed.

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