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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by wilky76, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Oct 9, 2013
    I've been an Android fan for a few years now, still am as I have the new Nexus 7, which is brilliant btw.

    But since i got the Samsung Galaxy S4 back in May I've never been totally happy with it, i had the last 3 Galaxy S phones aswell & i was fine with those.

    From the first day i switched it on it lagged worst than the S3 did considering the hardware was much faster, it seemed rushed to market at the time, eventually after a long long wait for an update well over 3 months for simfree user's in the UK, they did sort it out to a certain degree and improved the battery life somewhat aswell.

    Also the size of the thing it was basically getting to big, it was actually getting into phablet territory, and also felt very fragile aswell, where over on XDA alot of people complained that the screen was breaking while just being in the pockets due to the size, not the glass but the Amoled screen underneath, even in the pockets of people that had loose wearing jeans.

    Camera on the S3 i was really happy with that it was great quick & very responsive with good 8mp image quality & a wide FOV, on the S4 they up it to 13mp while the image quality was good, it was alot harder for some reason to get a picture that wasn't blurry unless you kept the camera completely still while taking a picture, many a time i had blurry images and i have a good steady hand, they also made the FOV much narrower aswell, and the camera never felt a snappy at taking at picture like the S3 did which was instant.

    The tipping point for me though was when they decided to put KNOX onto consumer handset's which was basically at first aim for business users, this has basically locked down the phone, where as before you had freedom to do what you want ie install different country firmwares, custom firmwares, install older firmwares & root ect, without voiding your warranty as it was easy to put your handset back to stock should you needed to, not anymore any messing with software basically now voids your warranty & triggers an efuse so there is no way of resetting it afterwards.

    I got fedup with Samsung and the way they where going with their handset's, and decided to change, had alook at the handset's from the like of HTC & Sony even LG, nothing took my fancy all bigger than even the S4 & going off rumors it won't be long before these also follow Samsung path and also lock down their handset's aswell, LG have already said they bringing out something similar to Samsung KNOX for their smartphones.

    Next up was the Nexus smartphones, The Nexus 4 while cheap is now considered end of the line & is getting abit dated, plus the camera isn't very good on these neither from what i've been reading so that was a no go, the Nexus 5 might be decent & the camera aswell going off rumors, but try and get one on launch or even this side of Christmas will be impossible going off last year fiasco with the Nexus 4 launch last year.

    With nothing out that i really wanted on Android I decided I'll have a look at the iPhone because everybody i know has one, be it the 4,4S or 5, i was never interested in the iPhone at first, but everybody that has one has been happy with it, so i thought sod it I ordered the 5s finally got my hands on one a 32gb grey, while I've now had it a week and got use to the iOS7 setup I've never been this happy with a handset in a long time, yes there are a few bugs that need be sorted in iOS7 but out of the box it was alot more polished than 4.2 was on the S4 at launched & the camera while basic ie not many setting to change, it actually a joy to use and usually get most images spot on, and taking pics is instant to.

    One of the biggest advantages i now find having a 5s is the size of the thing it tiny compared to the S4, it fits in my pocket & i don't even know it there most of the time anymore and the screen size isn't a problem for me neither, if anything i would wish for Apple to stick to 4" as it perfect & had no problems using it considering I've come from a 5" screen.

    My future smartphones will be from Apple from now on as long as they don't follow the android route and make their smartphones to big I will be happy.

    As for Android as I've invested in alot of apps over the years, so now my Android fix will just be with Nexus tablets from now on.

    So has anybody else moved from Android or Windows to iOS, and what Android/Windows smartphone did you have before you made the switch?
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    Mar 11, 2008
    My 1st smartphone was an HTC Hero & I also have a Nexus 7 tablet.

    I sold the Hero & bought the iPhone 3s, then the 4 & now the 5. If I were to buy a new smartphone tomorrow, it would be the 5s (grey).

    Primary reasons I switched: overall I liked / still like Android although it can stutter, apps crashed in those days, overlapping sometimes gimmicky features, and it took way too long to get updates via HTC. As I recall there was only one major upgrade +1 year after the stock Android release. On the iOS side, it's buttery smooth, relatively more intuitive with elegant simplicity, focus on rich apps and sleek hardware.

    Being a geek I still have interest in Android, which is why I got the Nexus 7 tablet & used it a lot for a short time until the novelty wore off and then went back to primarily using my iPad.

    I get why some people prefer Android but I don't care about not having a file manager on my smartphone. I think it's overhyped along with the advantages of larger screens. When I want a larger screen, the iPad or Nexus 7 screen is bigger than phablets that are a pain to carry around. I like the portability of the iPhone.
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    Apr 17, 2010
    I've used all three platforms (also blackberry) and I am currently using an S4. I'm pretty much ready to just go back to the iPhone. Aside from the great screen size, I'm not enjoying the S4 very much.

    Some things are great about it, things I couldn't do with an iPhone, but I don't think it balances out the lag, freezes, and overall lackluster experience. I do enjoy nexus devices, I'm thinking I might pick up a new nexus 7 to replace my old one.

    WP8- I loved it for the most part, but the few annoyances I had were way too major to stay. No google presence at all, busted notifications, and a really wacky approach to email threading.

    I'm heavily considering going back to the iPhone. I never really left the ecosystem, and having access to said ecosystem from my pocket again is pretty tempting.

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