Androids are going to need AntiVirus!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RRX209, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Report: A fifth of Android apps expose private data

    About 20 percent of the 48,000 apps in the Android marketplace allow a third-party application access to sensitive or private information, according to a report released on Tuesday.
    And some of the apps were found to have the ability to do things like make calls and send text messages without the mobile user doing anything. For instance, 5 percent of the apps can place calls to any number and 2 percent can allow an app to send unknown SMS messages to premium number...
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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Did you read the whole article and are you familiar at all with Android?

    Whenever you install an application on Android, you are warned of what permissions the app uses. Here is Spotify for Android:

    Why does it have these permissions?

    1. To write offline music to the SD card.
    2. Internet access to stream music.
    3. Access to phonecalls so it can pause and resume music playback during a call.

    If an Application has far more access than you think it needs DO NOT INSTALL IT!

    If you think that Apple's approval process makes you immune to security issues remember that there have been some privacy concerns about iPhone apps uploading contact data to third parties.

    I've been using Android for about a year now and no single app I've installed has sent a SMS or made a phonecall without my permission.

    Lastly, on banking or financial apps, I'd suggest that any app store offering these apps which require account info of any kind call their bank BEFORE installing or using it just to make sure it is legit.

    Simple really.
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    AntiVirus on Android would do just as much as AntiVirus for iPhone, nothing. If people report an application malicious or rate it low, I'd think twice about installing it. If an application did that on the iPhone...well I wouldn't get the chance to decide. Android AV is just like Mac OS X AV - it exists, but no one needs it.

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