"Angela Ahrendts out by June?"

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by sjinsjca, Apr 16, 2015.

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    A (IMHO) nonsensical article at http://www.t-gaap.com/2015/4/16/over-slash-under-angela-ahrendts-out-by-june suggests that Ahrendts is in "CYA" mode and is somehow to blame for customers who will be disappointed at the unavailability of the Watch in Apple's retail stores on the 24th.

    It's nonsensical since it seems she has zero influence over the supply chain.

    Or am I missing something?

    To my eye there is very little going on that wouldn't be expected of any high-profile Apple launch. Supplies are always limited, stock-outs are always common, and the situation resolves over a couple months. Meanwhile the earliest adopters--the ones who started clicking their orders into the system at 00:00:01 Pacific time on launch night--get a few gratifying weeks of being the only kids on their block with the shiny new gizmo.

    Name a major Apple launch where this hasn't held true. So why would anyone blame Ahrendts?
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    Well, I think it was a choice.
    On one hand, in the past, there has been in store stock separate from pre-orders, which has worked but this time the pre-orders are already so far out.
    I mean, imagine if you had a June date; wouldn't you be mad if a handful of people got some before you by waiting in line on launch day?
    Not to mention, the majority of people who do turn up on launch day end up going home disappointed anyway. This method of dealing seems to be the best way to make sure the most possible people are happy and receive their products as soon as possible.

    I think that the only reason Apple is getting crucified for it is that, simply put, they're Apple and people love to write about how awful Apple is and how we're all iSheep and yada yada yada the Moto 360 is actually a much better watch but we just didn't know it until the Apple Watch came out but now it definitely is and it's cheaper too and Apple Fanboys are just mad that they can't use it.
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    Because of no in store pickup. During the iPhone 6 Plus Launch, when I stood in line, the 6 Plus was sold out that day for walkins. Made a reservation that night at 12 am later. Got my phone on Day 2 because they get new shipments every day.

    She had to make in store pick up available. Preorder only was the thing that messed this up. Also, the fact that Apple changed the in store pick up at the very last minute was weird. They have to be firm and not change their minds like that.
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    FYI...the Moto 360 isn't going to be even in the same league as the Apple watch. Not even close. Apple watch is going to blow past it like it was standing still. In every aspect. It already has and it's not even out yet. that's just the facts. Truth is, if the moto was a much better watch it would be selling like hot cakes. But it's not. And never will.
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    T'was sarcasm.
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    considering Apple products refresh yearly, the extra 2 months of wait just means some people will rather wait a few more month for gen 2.

    Angela's mess up is not just Apple watch, but how she organizes the retail store. The whole "Oh, we don't have it in store, but I can help you order online" might work for 20 yr olds, but when you are 40 or above it becomes ridiculously stupid. It's more stupid when it's "Oh, you will get your item in 4-6 weeks from today even though we launched it just now"

    Like many have asked, Why even have a store if you aren't going to sell it? Also many of us rather have the instant gratification of using the product I pay for right away, instead of waiting for UPS to show up.
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    I would be very annoyed if someone turned up at a store and managed to get a watch before I did, considering I pre-ordered at 00:03 PDT. It should be fulfilled on a first come - first served basis, regardless of the method of the order (eg online or in person at a store)
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    Because they're bored waiting for their watch and have nothing better to do?

    Crap article. Nothing new. A bunch of speculation and guesswork regurgitated from the MR forums here :D

    There are certainly some "interesting" issues around this launch, but if you're going to write an article on it guys, at least do some original research.
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    She may have developed the strategy, but it had to be approved by Tim. He may not be as hands-on as Steve, but he's still the boss.

    Moreover, Apple has sold every Watch they have, and plenty more they haven't made yet. Nor am I hearing any reports of massive line-ups of people expecting to be able to buy one and being turned away. Just people who paid attention and booked appointments to try one on.
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    Which is basically how it's going to be run. They won't be selling watches in stores until online orders are caught up.
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    Hermes Monster

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    Her sacking is stuck at 'Processing' and will happen in 4-6 weeks
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