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    Rovio, the Finland-based developer of mobile games for multiple platforms, has released another installment in its Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds Rio hit the App Store last night and pits the various birds in previous versions against smugglers who have kidnapped two macaws. The macaws are characters from the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox animated film, Rio.

    Rovio has released separate versions of Angry Birds Rio for the iPhone and iPad. Each offers 60 levels and new achievements, and new episode updates are planned throughout 2011.

    The original Angry Birds has been a regular in the Top 200 Paid iPhone apps list and has reached the #1 spot in App Stores around the world.



    The British Academy of Film and Television offers a select amount of Video Game awards to highlight the best of the video game industry. For the first time ever, an iOS game has won, beating out games on more traditional handheld platforms like the DS and PSP. In addition, Chillingo/Zeptolab, the developers of Cut the Rope, beat out large companies like Sony, Nintendo and Warner Bros. to take home the prize of Best Handheld Game at the award ceremonies on March 16, 2011.

    Cut the Rope is a physics based puzzle game that has sold more than six million copies worldwide on the iTunes App Store. No stranger to awards, it had already been given the honor of being listed in Apple’s iTunes Hall of Fame as well as our very own Best Apps Ever Awards. It’s also been noticed by the Game Developer’s Choice Awards for Best Handheld Game and PocketGamer’s Best iPhone Casual/Puzzle Game and Most Innovative iPhone game. The accolades keep pouring in!

    One of the most popular games of the year, it’s easy to see why it’s getting such attention. Overall, this is fantastic news for iOS game developers, as they receive more praise from mainstream award and media outlets for their fantastic work. I, for one, hope that this trend continues and that iOS receives more legitimate credit as a capable and robust platform for games, not just as a mobile device, but as a gaming handheld it its own right.

    Cut the Rope HD

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    I agree with you. Both of these games are fun and addicting! I hope more other games with an idea like these come out soon.

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