Angry Eggs gets EASTERia!

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    Mar 29, 2011

    Dear iPhone fans,

    This Easter, Angry Eggs gets EASTERia!

    Egg tapping, egg cracking, egg knocking… Whatever you want to call it, it’s a fun game that doesn’t have to be played only at Easter!

    Enjoy a variety of colorful eggs, of hilarious sound effects and popping sheep, and use your own special techniques to crack your opponent’s egg!

    Angry Eggs gets EASTERia! from the ChromoSpheres is available on the iPhone App Sore few days ago and it has already conquered the world of iPhone, ranked TOP 9th in Brazil, & South Africa, 27th in Greece, 17th in Qatar and 2nd in Costa Rica with more than 10.000 downloads already!

    Choose the egg you prefer the most, among 8 special and attractive eggs: Babuska, Ladybug, Celebrity, Kaleidoscope, Princess, Traditional, Pinata & Valentine. Select your opponent and ask for a challenge for an egg-fight via BlueTooth. If there is not available user around, select to “fight” against your iPhone.

    The game begins, you can hear the bells ringing and the battlefield is getting EASTERic! You move gently but precisely and the crack sounds loud. Crackkkkkkkkkkkkk and your opponent is cracked!!

    The Score is 1 vs 0. Let’s play again!! Let’s have fun!

    We will be more than pleased if you try our app and share your impressions.
    In the next 2-3 days an update will be available and the Angry Eggs will be even better!!


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