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    A wave of animal tries to invade your home, fight them with your plants.
    You have 47 types of plant with different skills to protect your home and 28 types of animals to invade your opponent.
    In Adventures mode you can practice to denfend the attacking from animals.
    In Multiplayer mode , you can protect your home with plants and attack your opponent with animal.

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    Game Features

    In Adventure mode, you have 40 levels to play — Animal can come from many directions, the sky, the ground, ... defense with your plant.
    Unlock level to get new plant, book guide about plant

    There are some mini game to relax.
    You can divide the bean in Bean Minigame, or you can smash fruit in Fruit Minigame.

    -Play with your friend in Multiplayer Mode.
    -Play via Internet or LAN.
    -Use Animals to invade your opponent. There are 28 types of animals. Each type have special skill.
    -Use Plant to protect your home. There are 47 type of plants. Each type of plant have special skill and is strong against one type of animal. You can see animal choice of both sides before picking plants.
    -You can only choose 20 types of plants and animals in a battle. Pick up card according to your strategy.
    -Have fun with chatting while playing.

    -Iphone 4 and above
    -Ipad 2 and above
    -Ipod Touch 5 and above

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