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Feb 11, 2010
Here is the image of a screenshot that I took. I got the iWork update 6 couple of hours ago, and realized there was a new animated background, different from Time Machine. So, I created a simple document, saved it couple of times, and entered Versions. The Versions' animated background looks great to me! Does anyone know how to make this as a default wallpaper?
I know that the Time Machine background was not qtz, but the animation was rendered on the spot, using the wallpaper and separate stars moving towards you from random locations.

Thanks in advance.
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Dec 20, 2012
Hello, new to this amazing forum! Came across the site on the hunt for resolution to the very subject matter. Wondering, if any headway has been made.

Based on my internet searches, my best clue(s) come from here:
(Click to view examples)

This is part of OS X "Core Animations Framework". So, I am trying to scour OS X Lion for this....Doing my best not to muck things up!!! Anyone, can anyone point/direct me in a better, more focused direction.....I really close!!!

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