Animating view switching between UITabBarController's view & UIView

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    Mar 1, 2009

    I have a little bit of a problem in switching views between UITabBarController's view and UIView.

    I have a UITabBarController application. There are 3 tabs, i.e. Tab A, Tab B, and Tab C.

    In Tab A I have a "Flip" button and when it's clicked it will switch the view in Tab A with an UIView, View V. This switching is done through animation.

    Flipping the views from Tab A's view to View V is with no problem (at least in this testing). After flipping the views back from View V to Tab A's view, then click on Tab B I can't see its view at all, same thing with Tab C. I have to click on Tab A, then click Tab B/C to be able to see their views.

    As for the view flipping I'm using
    insertSubview: aboveSubview

    I'm not sure if I'm doing it right as this is my first attempt in writing an iPhone App.

    Perhaps someone can point me in a right direction how to do view switching between UITabBarController's view and UIView?

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    This thread belongs in iPhone Programming. You will probably get more help there.


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