Anker 6ft MFI Lightning Grey USB Cable


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May 3, 2011
For those of you disappointed that Apple stopped shipping a 6ft lightning cable with the new iPad Pros, I have found this Lightning cable from Anker which is MFI certified and looks quite different to the official cable thanks to the colour and materials used. The build quality feels a real step up over the Apple version with no obvious seams as can be found on cheaper options and the USB plug has a nice, sleek finish. This is fabricated with braided nylon which certainly gives the impression of a very durable cable. The MFI certification is also important as this means it should work in exactly the same way as the official cable so charging and syncing should be trouble free. Included in the package is a welcome guide and cable tidy.

In my testing, the cable did prove to work as advertised. I see no weak points from a construction perspective and this should hold up to repeated use much better than the official cable, which is welcome as I have seen the official cables split through excessive use. Only time will tell in this regard but I feel confident. The lightning connector moulding is a little heavier/wider than the official Apple cable so plugging in with some cases may be a little tight. Of course the other key comparison is price and this is where Anker nails it - this cable costs almost half the price of the official Apple extended cable. Being the longer cable that measures in at 6ft/1.8m, some may question why would you want such a long cable? If you have a power source down near the floor then this cable lets you organise your workstation and give you a lot more flexibility in placing your device when charging. This flexibility also makes it easier to use your device when plugged in; not just for charging but say when using an app like Astropad to use your iPad tethered to your computer as a graphics tablet.

I personally would not consider the official cable when this Anker alternative offers a better experience for half the price. If you need another Lightning cable and can see a benefit in a longer cable or are just after a quality longer cable for the new iPad Pros then this seems like a no brainer.


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Aug 24, 2013

Been using anker for years. I've the same one too in 3ft and 6ft. Plus acquired the red power line plus 6ft cable as well.

Love these cables as they are so robust compared to standard apple cables!
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Feb 9, 2011
If you're not hung up on braiding, their Powerline II is even more robust and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Being the longer cable that measures in at 6ft/1.8m, some may question why would you want such a long cable?
Some of us find even longer cables useful. We have a 10' and will probably pick up a couple more.
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Apr 12, 2009
New Jersey
I have the 10 ft version for my iPad and use the 3 ft version for my iPhone. These are excellent cables! The 3 ft version even comes with a nice little carry pouch for travel.


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Sep 8, 2016
Pacific Northwest
Been using anker for years! their customer service is very good (warranty and replacement)

I gave all my cousins 10ft lightning cable last xmas and they love it more than what they asked for that xmas day!
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