iPad Anker TC930 Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover Review

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    I have a review of the New Trent Airbender 2.0 and the Anker TC930 Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover on my website, just do a google search but here is my review of the Anker product.

    The Anker case usually goes for about $36 but sometimes with a coupon, it can bring it down to about $20, but unfortunately due to this case being a new release, there has not been a coupon for it yet. The price is perfect because it enables you to have some money left to purchase a back cover which does not come with this keyboard case. I had to go purchase a TPU soft case which was compatible with the smart cover just to attach to the back of this to protect my iPad back cover.

    I recently got an iPad air for note taking purposes and I was able to get two keyboard cases which fit the iPad air. Before, I was taking notes using my iPad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard which I put on my lap. These keyboard cases make it much more convenient to take notes with a keyboard and iPad.

    This keyboard cover has very similar features as the NT Airbender, but is a totally different type of case as it is a cover and not a full fledged case. I am not sure if there are other colors, but I would have liked for the case to be a space grey color as the color that I have right now is a silver color, which does’t actually match my iPad at all. The case fits on like a Smart Cover and has strong magnets to ensure it does not fall. The downside of this case is that it does not include any back covering. I would actually pay a few more dollars for a TPU cover to go along with this case as this does provide front protection but not back protection, so I had to go purchase a backing for myself. I noticed that in this revision of the case, many of the buttons on the top were removed. The top gives some instructions for how to connect and use the bluetooth of the keyboard, I wish it had a physical connect button like the older version did as I am not going to remember to push Fn and C. Unfortunately the case does add a good amount of height to the iPad, I expected it to be much more flat but the “legs” which prevent the iPad screen from getting scratched are higher than expected. I did find the keyboard to be TOO slim so that it feels like I am tapping on the desk or table.

    I really love this keyboard case because it does not add much bulk to my iPad and it gives me a choice of what backing I can have, plus I can remove it when I am not using it, I can just stick it in my backpack easily without having to close anything at all. The one feature I really like about this is how it stands up, the keyboard places the iPad at the perfect angle for typing and viewing on a desk. I am really impressed with the stand mechanism of this keyboard, the portion which holds the iPad up automatically pops up when you put the iPad on the groove where it sits. What I really like about the feature is that the groove contains magnets which hold down the iPad while it is on the stand and ensure that it does not fall, I mean what a genus idea of a way to use the Smart Cover magnets! I did find the keys on this keyboard to be a little more cramped then on the NT but the structure of the key with the groove is very easy to type on. The battery life on this keyboard is once again great, just like the NT I did not have to charge it at all even with extensive usage.


    Great Features
    Slim and fitting
    Enables choice of back cover
    Comfortable Viewing Angle


    Color choices
    No back covering
    Glossy color
    No backlight

    *Please note I was provided a review unit by Anker and I was not required to write a positive review. All content above is of my own opinion. There is no bias towards either product as I did not purchase either.
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    Anker TC930 Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover Review

    I have the keyboard cover as well. It works great! I also got sample and made my review on amazon.
    Nice detailed review.

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