iPad mini Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Cover for iPad mini

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    Hi - I received this keyboard from Anker and it is very well manufactured. The keyboard uses bluetooth to pair to your iPad and the process is very simple. I show close up of all the functions on the keyboard itself in the pictures attached. Technically as it is bluetooth you can use it for other devices, but the magnetic latch on this keyboard is meant for you to attach it to the iPad mini.

    The size of the keyboard is workable, it does take a little time to get use to the space when typing, but all the functions of the keyboard work great. This is a good add on for possibly students or any professional on the go who wants to use the keyboard for something specific. I would say it's not meant for you to write a term paper.

    It would have been great if there was a way to close the iPad mini with the keyboard, technically it can be closed because it is quite flush when you leave the magnetic keyboard attached and join it to the screen. The problem is the screen does not detect that is closed and can remain on, where as in a protective case some of the flap covers automatically put the iPad to sleep. I would have liked to see that as that would be great feature since the keys are low where it would not impact the screen. Again that is not a feature this is suppose to have it's a nice to have, the function of this item is to act as keyboard only.

    Overall this is really portable keyboard to fit various needs that are short, again the size of the keyboard due to the ipad mini is small, im sure if you have kids their fingers can use this for a longer period of time.

    Overall a real good product
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