iPad mini Anker's new Keyboard Case does what a keyboard should do, does it well, a

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    Anyone looking for a keyboard case for their iPad mini? I've had a good experience with this one from Amazon.

    First off, I am a fan of Anker products–not out of blind loyalty, but because I have found consistent quality and value throughout their product line.

    Having said that, I was excited to try out Anker's new Keyboard Case, though I was hesitant to remove my iPad mini from its former happy home–Anker's Slim-Fit Synthetic Leather Case. I have enjoyed this product immensely, as it has proven both good-looking and durable. Besides, I was hesitant to remove my iPad mini from my old Anker case mainly because of the screen cleaning fabric. I have enjoyed a constantly clean screen since I began using it and didn't want to lose this feature. But, enough prelude, let me tell you what you want to hear–all about Anker's new Keyboard Case for iPad mini.

    As mentioned before, I have found all of Anker’s products to be of great quality and reasonable in price. Anker's Keyboard Case is no exception. But, ultimately, there are trade offs when choosing one product over another–the opportunity cost as it were–so I will write this review from the perspective of not only what the Keyboard Case is and but also what it is not.

    Here is what it is:

    Primarily, it is a keyboard. Not to be facetious, but you use it to type. I must say, using the Anker keyboard has been much easier than using my fingers or thumbs, as I have exclusively used my iPad mini for note taking in my graduate classes this semester (my iPad mini was a Christmas gift). Although the keyboard is small and its key spacing narrow, it becomes more and more natural to use after consistent use. It only took a week of typing until this small keyboard became almost as natural as typing on a regular-sized keyboard. "Almost" because I still have a few hurdles yet to overcome.

    The biggest hurdle has been learning the keyboard's lower keys. Though ergonomic, the new "fn" button, along with the old "control," "option," and "cmd" keys are still giving me some trouble. I imagine this hurdle will flatten in time as well, but as I infrequently use these keys, I stumble a bit when they are needed, especially when using the "fn" key to type an "apostrophe" or "quotation mark."

    Overall, I think these last few hurdles of typing with the keyboard can be attributed as a residual "learning curve."

    Now, on to the second most important topic–connectability. The Anker Keyboard Case connects and stays connect very easily and very well. The process is simple: turn the keyboard power on, press connect, go to "settings" in the iPad mini, and click connect. Whallah! Your all set. Although I wish the two devices would automatically connect, the connection process couldn't be simpler. One word of advice: don't forget to turn the power off when you are done typing. Forgetting will drain the battery more quickly than necessary.

    The next question that logically follows regards the iPad mini stand. The iPad mini sits in a small grove right above the number keys on the keyboard. I have never had the iPad mini move at all while set in this grove. The iPad mini sits at an angle to allow for the best view. Normally I sit the keyboard on a desk or table to type, but often I cross my legs and place they keyboard and iPad mini in my lap (the way I wrote this review). Personally, I find the latter the most natural and comfortable.

    The last, and perhaps most unique, aspect of Anker's new Keyboard Case is that it is both a case and keyboard. It uses the iPad mini's magnetic strip to hold the two devices together at the Keyboard Case's hinge. This allows the keyboard to swing closed like any other case, and serves to protect the screen from scratches and other damage. This is a great feature and effectively camouflages the keyboard when it is not in use. Aesthetically, the case looks o.k. The monotone grey is a bit bland, but the keyboard's purpose is functional and not aesthetic. Even though I must say, I prefer to have my cake and eat it too whenever possible. Ultimately, it nearly matches the color of the iPad mini's rear grey color and closely resembles a natural extension of the iPad mini.

    So, here is what Anker's new Keyboard Case is not:

    Its not a full case. If you are worried about the back of your iPad mini getting scratched, this is not the keyboard for you. When closed, Anker's Keyboard Case protects only the screen–not the back. I take special care of my iPad mini when carrying it, so this is not a problem for me. But keep this in mind if you are a bit clumsy or do not have a bag with an iPad mini compartment to keep your iPad mini in like I do.

    Also, since its not a full case, Anker's new Keyboard Case doesn't have the screen cleaning fabric that I love so much from my Anker Slim-Fit Case, so you can expect fingerprints and smudges. If you haven't been spoiled like I have been, this shouldn't bother you. Hey Anker! Is there anyway to make a keyboard that acts like a case AND keeps smudges off my iPad mini's screen too? I do like to make requests that keep your designers on their toes!

    That sums up all the deficiencies I found.

    In the end, Anker's new iPad mini Keyboard Case does what a keyboard should do, does it well, and also does much more.

    Here's a link if you want to check out the "official" stats page.
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    Oct 21, 2013
    i was typing on my mini today in class and was seriously thinking about getting a keyboard for it, with that price i might actually grab it.

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