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    Nov 17, 2011
    Pocket Gamer Article:

    Developer Just-Add-U Studios has announced that it's bringing Unreal Engine 3-powered first-person zombie-slaying game Undead Arcade to the iPhone and iPad "this winter".

    Set during World War II, Undead Arcade sees you survive a brutal plane crash and attempt to overcome the hordes of flesh-eating zombies that are hell-bent on munching your brain.

    The game, which will be set in an open-world environment, is said to feature an "in-depth storyline" and "one of a kind graphics" that take advantage of Apple's dual-core A5 processor.


    If you're not the story type, however, Undead Arcade will also feature a freeplay Firefight mode, which we presume allows you to carelessly beat the stuffing out of the undead.

    "We are anxious to see how our customers will take to our new game. We have worked really hard to make the best game we possibly can and we think it may be the best we’ve seen," Tanner Ewing, Just-Add-U CEO, says.

    Photos can be found at: click "GALLERY"

    Also, check out the interview with CEO Tanner Ewing at
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    Pics for Undead Arcade!

    Here are some screenshots from the gaming engine!

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