Announcing My Sales Opportunities Version 1.9

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    My Sales Opportunities application was developed for sales people who want to over achieve sales goals and close as many as possible of new sales opportunities. Version 1.9 delivers exciting new features to make managing your sales funnel even easier and more efficient.

    Key features:

    • At the glance view of your sales results, size of your sales funnel and closed sales
    • Create and track individual sales opportunities
    • Assign opportunity revenue, profit, closing date and detailed description
    • Track opportunity development through key sales steps
    • Create follow up tasks for each sales opportunity
    • Capture all important notes for each sales opportunity
    • View total sales potential for each of your customers
    • View closed opportunities and sales totals for each of your customers
    • Plan new sales from each of your customers by recording new potential opportunities
    • Custom sales stages (new in 1.9)
    • Track individual customer contacts
    • Track corporate customers
    • Import and use contacts from your device (new in 1.9)
    • Easy sorting and filtering of your data
    • Create custom reports (new in 1.9)
    • Email opportunity details or reports as HTML or XML (new in 1.9)
    • Manage multiple businesses (new in 1.9)
    • Extensive user guide

    Unlike most other CRM apps, My Sales Opportunities is a standalone application, no monthly fees or subscription required. However, you can export and email data for easy import to Excel or other applications.

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    May 27, 2013
    this solution has very useful options I think. Thanks for sharing.

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