Announcing QuitIt! A New Poke-tastic App!

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    2n Productions is proud to announce QuitIt!, a new entertainment app that we think you’ll enjoy. We’ve submitted the app to Apple, and we're now waiting to hear back from them on our submission (fingers crossed!!).

    Here's a teaser video to whet your appetite! We think you guys will get a kick out of it. We put a lot of effort into the character animations and interactions, as well as other parts of the app to bring something different to the iPhone and iPod touch.

    About QuitIt!


    You’re an audience member of a game show called QuitIt! You interact with Lumpy, the show’s star, by poking him with various pokers to win cash. Use your winnings to buy strange gifts for Lumpy as well as even stranger pokers for your persistent poking pleasure.

    Did you ever tease your kid brother or sister while growing up? Well, interacting with Lumpy is kinda like that.

    On the receiving end of teasing? You can now turn the tables and vent on Lumpy.

    Even if you’re an only child, you’ve probably come across situations where you wanted payback against some bozo who did you wrong. About the only person we can’t help is the only child who misses the torment dished out by imaginary older siblings.

    If this is you, then you should get help. Like the professional kind. Or try the game anyway.

    Make Lumpy your own “personal stress relieving facilitator” and have some fun in the process! It’s okay, go poke away! Lumpy can take it! And it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than weekly sessions with a therapist!

    QuitIt! is definitely not another match three, tower defense, platformer or a 2D/3D shm’up game. In hindsight, we could have probably made it really easy on ourselves if we made one of those games. But then where would Lumpy be?

    Instead, we decided to create something for you that’s a bit unconventional – people who’ve seen it have even said it’s a bit twisted. And our mothers wouldn’t lie to us.

    In addition, we’re already prepping our update, so we’ll be sharing all the details with you soon. When we do, we’d appreciate your feedback here as well as our blog at

    We’re really excited to be part of the iPhone dev community, and look forward to making more fun apps!
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    :shakes head:

    The app store is becoming a huge refuse collector quickly.

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