Annoyed by people exaggerating and making big deal of minor issues.

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Skylitfly, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Honestly. This is just a combination of my personal experiences of products that for some reason got a lot of attention about being flawed or not working as was supposed. After all I end up thinking there are way way more actually working units than malfunctioning ones. Some people and media just tend to make the whole story sound more dramatic as it is in reality.


    iPhone 4: Known because of antennagate and malfunctioning rear camera with poor white balance.

    My iPhone 4, my dad's iPhone 4 & my sisters iPhone 4 + many of my friends and relatives units how ever were all perfect, flawless units without any issues. I believe that this is actually the best gadget I've ever owned. It was superior smartphone back in time and mine is still working perfectly.

    MacBook Pro with Retina display: Known for ghosting, yellow tinting and other display problems. Also known for different fan problems varying from fan speed issues to weird fan noises.

    No ghosting, no yellow tinting or any other display problems with my unit. Also my friends unit is totally perfect. No fan noises or fan speed problem. Media and people made this problem look much more widespread than it actually was.

    iPad Air: Known for safari crashes, whole system crashes, random reboots and other nasty stuff.

    I've owned this thing for almost a year now. During this time my Safari has crashed 2 or 3 times so the problem exist... but really? Because safari crashed 2 or 3 times in a year period people makes it to be a huge problem? Seriously.
    Other than that. No system crashes or random reboots. Perfectly fine with it.

    iOS 7: Got a bad reputation about being buggy and slow compared to previous OS's. Some people didn't like the redesign.

    Well... after all I was completely happy with the iOS 7 from the beginning. No major bugs that actually affected my user experience. Redesign was welcome and I personally enjoyed it even thought this is subjective. I'm happy that Scott Forstall got fired. :D iOS 7 was hugely better than iOS 6 or anything before that.

    iOS 8: Having a bad reputation about being buggy and slow and stuff.

    Truth is. It's on my iPad Air now. No major bugs. Actually better than iOS 7 was at the beginning. No problems with it.

    Of course I understand that these things may vary and you guys may have totally different experience than I have.

    However, the question is why do people like to make a big deal for nothing?
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    It makes them important.
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    Apple is perceived as the leader in many areas of technology.
    People like to throw rocks at the leader.
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    Apple cultists never attack Android phones, right?
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    I think it is about money.

    If you think about it, then Apple is making hell of a lot of money on iPhones.

    1. Other companies are trying hard to take the business from them.

    2. Look at Samsung trying hard all the time. (it is easier to criticize the competitor then to make superior product)

    3. You can bet on it that next iphone will be rock solid.

    4. This month was tough for Apple:

    a. First the issues with iCloud. (I would bet money that this was done to hurt the iPhone Intro)

    b. First the problems with the screen.

    c. Then problems with iOS 8 (seriously, I do not understand people who are upgrading to 10.x.0 release as this is asking for problems on every platform.)

    d. And now the thing with iPhone 6+ bending. (9 people with the problem and a big affair)

    5. Just wait, they will take the issue one by one and fix it as they always do!

    6. I was really worried that the spirit vanished with Steve's death but with Swift, Yosemite, all the Laptops, iWatch behind the corner.

    They never had anything better in the pipe line.

    7. I just hope for iPhone mini next year with 4 inch display (they would have all the sizes covered)
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    Yep, especially their competition who claim to be better than iPhone in every way (except in the area of sales volume).
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    No, no, most of the complaints against Android are valid. :)
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    That was a good one :D and actually very true.
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    OP. I'm glad your iphone 4 was perfect and didn't suffer from signal issues. They pretty much crippled mine, which is a shame since it was a really nice phone. But I live in an area of low signal and reception on the iphone 4 was horrible.
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    Some things get blown out of proportion but there should always be way, way more properly working units than not. If the defect rate is over 50% then something is amazingly wrong with the product's design and/or manufacturing process. For example, the early Xbox360's have an estimated failure rate of about 30% and that is really, really high even though 7/10 of them work perfectly fine.

    It's not nothing when it happens to you. For example, my late 2011 MBP had the GPU fail (which is a well documented though not officially recognized problem) and it bricked my laptop. I couldn't even reliably boot into FW disk mode. It's completely unacceptable for a laptop at this price point to have a catastrophic failure like that when it's only 2.5yrs old.

    For the most part I've I had good luck not getting lemons from Apple but I'm not going to criticize people that do get lemons.
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