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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Macs4u, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Just after some advice.

    I purchased a 27" base spec iMac from the apple store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester about 3 months ago. Within 2 weeks i had major banding issues when playing X-Plane flightsim. i contacted applecare and they ran some tests on the xplane game on their imacs (they downloaded the demo) and they found the same sort of problem. I was advised to take it back for a refund if i cant put up with the banding.

    I took it back and was advised to pay extra and buy the quad core i5 27" iMac as the better graphics card would be better. I had exactly the same problems, although not as harsh but 2 days in it turned off and wouldnt turn back on again. Frustrated as heck i called the store and was told to return it and they can refund or replace. Chap at the genius bar tested it and stated that the ram was faulty and i could either have a refund or another identical one in place.

    I decided to swap it for a 21.5" imac (and get refunded the difference) for the kids and i would have my original 24" imac that i gave to them when i bought the new 27"

    Blow me down , kids came to me yesterday afternoon (after just over 30 days having this new one) and said the computer wont turn on. Ive turned it on and it just beeps and beeps.

    Im totally annoyed and fed up with problems. Ive called the apple store and asked to speak to a manager about it and was told to leave my number and he/she will call me back within a few hours. Ive heard nothing and called them earlier and was advised to "just return it if your not happy, we know its over 14 days but as youve had 3 faulty ones now we will refund." I dont want a refund , i want a bloody imac that works!!!!!!!

    The thing im not happy with is the whole service ive received. I travel 140 miles round trip each time to sort out problems that in my view are not fair.

    Do you think i would get some financial recompense/money off a higher spec imac/macbook for my trouble as 3 faulty computers in a row is slightly taking the ****

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    I am sorry to hear this, you my friend have bad luck with macs. What we need to look at is how many beeps? Is it continuous one after another or is it a sequence of a few then a pause? Depending on the this you can figure out your issue. Since you just got the computer and its under warranty complain to apple and make them replace it. I bet you got a bad motherboard or RAM. I would not waste time fixing it since it was their fault. You could try making them send it to you overnight so you don't have to drive to the store.

    Best of luck to you.
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    This sucks for you matt! It's a real shame, and I'm always shocked when people get consecutive duff systems but to answer your question ... I would hope that Apple would give you something for your trouble (try free AppleCare?). If that doesn't go down so well, I think you are actually entitled to your petrol money back - google can probably clarify this - hope I haven't made it up.

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