Annoying fast scrolling...


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Feb 2, 2011
When I scroll through websites everything is fine, but after the 4/5th swipe the browser shoots to the bottom of the page, it seems to be happening on and off, happens in all browsers, anyone know what it is and how to disable it?


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Jun 12, 2013
Care to elaborate?
That was more of a joke than anything else...reminiscent of the old iPhone antenna gate meme, "You're holding it wrong."

I did notice a similar situation in 10.9.1, but not on 10.9.2 Seed. It could be a bug that I wasn't really aware of. I'll post a bug complaint to Apple about it to see if they can figure it out. On 10.9.2 after 5 fast scrolls, it does speed up tremendously, however, it doesn't "jump" to the bottom.

Perhaps someone else with 10.9.1 can test this problem.
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