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Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by MacPC, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Overall I like Yosemite, but I really really hate the full screen mode. I don't remember it behaves like this in Maverick or Mountain Lion. But in Yosemite, once I click on the green circle, the app goes into full screen mode, the menu bar goes with it and worse of all, it full screen opens in a new desktop space.
    It would be nice to keep the menu bar intact while in full screen and keep the full screen in the same desktop space. Don't you think? Is there anyway to change this behavior?
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    I think Apple simply moved the full-screen function from the View menu, to a window button. I like it, but I do know, from a variety of other threads that I have read, that not everyone needs that fullscreen behavior.

    If you Option-click on the green button, OS X reverts to the previous maximize behavior.
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    If the Menu bar stayed then it would not be full screen. I like the way it works since you can Control arrow between FS Apps.
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    There is an app call Moom, which not just give you back the traditional full screen option, but a lot more on easy handling the windows. It cost few bucks, but worth it.
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    Yes press the option key + green button which makes the green button act like it used to ie full screen but with menu bar and dock still there and no new space.
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  9. brainzilla, Feb 19, 2015
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    Fullscreen. And: WHY?

    Just updated from 10.6.8.
    Running a 3-monitor setup with an iMac in the middle.

    OSX now gives me 3 menubars, one on each screen.
    Feels like windows for poor people.

    so then you turn off that "feature" in MissionControl, log back in and those appendixes are gone. Cool...

    ... UNTIL you click on a fullscreen-button on - lets say - Youtube (no Flash installed, html5-video). Because now ALL three screens belong to the same Space now and the two the video is not on are BLACK.

    WTF Apple?
    I know you guys are not known for adding lots of options, but COME ON!

    The rest of the fullscreen-mode is also pretty much crap:
    - Switching apps during fullscreen in the "only-one-menubar-mode" will cause the video to vanish. What's up with that?
    - The force-fullscreen by pressing the green dot - just plain retarded.
    Freaks like me might figure that you need to hold ALT to yield the result you are looking for - e.g. maximizing the window and not going into fullscreen, but again: WTF Apple?
    And WHO needs fullscreen Finder-windows anyway?

    Somewhere between OS9 and OSX 10.7 there was a time when maximizing a window WORKED - it MAXIMIZED the window. To the WHOLE screen. Not just X-res or Y-res or an arbitrary value in between.

    But who needs a stable, intuitive and reliable Finder / OS when you can have a pile of weak contrast yet translucent, constantly changing, misbehaving, buggy piece of garbage - brought to you by the people who practically invented the GUI 25 years ago and suddenly forgot ALL about it.

    Just imagine: There's people out there who have to WORK on these machines!
    Who use 20-year old keycombos that are now GONE. Replaced by either NOTHING or some made up BS.
    Did they hire the former Quark staff?

    People who REALLY use labels to FIND stuff. Now it's dots. Thanks.
    People who look at the sidebar and intuitively find the right folder by color, without having to read every title every time.
    People who need fullscreenmodes without 2nd, 3rd and 4th menubars.

    If anyone has a hack for this fullscreen-problem, please share it!

    OK, I just found another "feature" - or let's say bug:
    While in "all-you-can-eat-menubar-mode", the app-switching-menu (CMD-TAB) moved to my 2nd screen.
    Fullscreening a video on my 1st screen switched it back to that screen and it seems to stay that way.
  10. KALLT macrumors 601

    Sep 23, 2008
    OS X changed substantially since Snow Leopard and paradigms were broken, you will have to adjust when you leapfrog like that. I have adjusted to these changes and actually feel disoriented now when I launch Snow Leopard. There are always two sides to a coin.

    I happen to like fullscreen mode on my MacBook, even with Finder. It gives me more space, as Dock and menu bar are hidden, and I can swipe between them with gestures and Mission Control. I really like it that way. Truth be told, I don’t know why anyone would want to use fullscreen mode in a setup with a large screen or even multiple screens, but that is also just my opinion. Using separate Spaces makes a lot more sense, especially in combination with option + green button. I agree with aspic (above) that Apple should have at least offered a setting to change the default behaviour of the green button, but using option + green button or even just a double click on the window chrome has the exact same result. It’s a minor adjustment. I have used OS X since Leopard and there was to my knowledge no maximise button in the ordinary meaning of the word, it always adjusted the size to the window content.

    Nevertheless, I sometimes use a second display as well and find that it works just fine for me (there were some problems with that in Lion). There is a downside to disabling ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ in System Preferences > Mission Control: it will interfere with Spaces and fullscreen mode and it is likely the cause of your problem with the YouTube videos. I really don’t recommend doing this if you’re using either of these features. On my system, the video also doesn’t vanish when I switch to another app, so that may be a bug on your system. The YouTube fullscreen video only closes when I close the corresponding Safari window or tab.

    What is it that bothers you about seeing the menu bar on your other displays anyway, it’s not like the menu bar is a redundant design element; you will likely need it when you interact with applications on your other displays. Windows doesn’t have a menu bar like that, but it merges these menus into the application windows. The menu bar also becomes semi-transparent when no app is focussed on that display.

    Some suggestions:
    (1) There are Finder enhancements like TotalFinder or XtraFinder that address some of the issues you are experiencing with Finder, such as labels and coloured sidebar items. You should really have a look.
    (2) There are tools that help you with the maximising, similar to the window-snapping feature on Windows 7 and later. Look in the App Store for Window Magnet, BetterSnapTool, Cinch, WindowTidy or others.

    Edit: I’m confused now, this thread was recent when I opened it.
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    Could be cool. IF you still can access the unselected options via a keystroke.
  12. dyt1983, Apr 14, 2015
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    Apparently, Apple thought otherwise. No harm, but to me they were obsolete since mice have scroll-wheels. This is something I have come to expect from Apple, that they drop technologies in favour of new ones. Like Microsoft, Apple has adapted the user interface to newer input methods, specifically multi-touch trackpads and the Magic Mouse – either of which come with a new Mac (for years now).

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