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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by OrangeCuse44, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Recently defecting to mac from windows im trying to get used to iPhoto's file storage system but there is one thing i cant seem to understand. I havent edited a single photo in iphoto yet my Modified folder in finder is chock full of folders and photos. If i were to ditch iPhoto and just store my photos in a separate folder, are these "modified" photos still in the Original folder as another copy? Can i ignore the modified folder? Don't know if i stated that as well as i should have, but hopefully itll do the trick.
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    Hate to say it but your problem has been posted tons of times throughout the forums (try a search).

    Either way, when you modify a picture (rotate it, color change, etc...) the modified picture is placed under the modified folder, and the original picture (unmodified) remains in the original folder. When I backup I ignore the modified folder and just deal with having to re-modify pictures that I want to.

    In the end, backing up the original folders is the most important.
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    Is it really, for everyone? I'm just a hobby photographer, and I can imagine that having backups of originals is perhaps very important for pros. I've been reading through all the posts I can find on this sort of thing, trying to decide what to do with my photos and modifications. In my case, I modify photos till I'm satisfied with the result, and at that point, I very seldom need or want the original. In the few cases I do, I just make sure that the modifications are made on a copy, so that I have both.

    Feel free to criticize this method, I'm still very confused, even after searching. :eek:
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    I think what you want to do is edit your photos in a program like Graphic Converter before dropping them into iPhoto for storage. With the size of HD's these days, I think iPhoto's, and iTunes', "just let us handle it" philosophy works for most people.

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