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    Can Mountain Lion Server support VPN with anonymous web browsing on my other idevices? I know there are many other ways to do this but i would like know if Mountain Lion Server supports this out of the box instead of having to rely on other systems or programs to do this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    RE: web browsing...

    Hi revenent,

    I'm not sure what you mean by "anonymous surfing"?

    Yes, ML Server supports VPN and allow your iDevices to VPN in, but any web browsing would appear to originate with the IP address of your server/router. Yes, the actual iDevice, if you have several, would be unknown, but the browsing would appear to come from your server's/router's IP address. So your iDevices would be "anonymous" in the sense that the web browsing could not be tracked back to your individual iDevice (unless you allow your Server's logs to be read), but all iDevices would have their web browsing traced back to your server/router IP address.

    This is not like being anonymous on a commercial VPN server where you VPN in to the commercial VPN site and your web browsing appears to originate at their IP address. This is "anonymous" because you aren't the only customer of the commercial VPN site, they might have hundreds if not thousands of "customers" all simultaneously VPN-ing into their VPN server, all of whose web browsing would appear to come from their commercial IP address. Some commercial VPN server companies also reroute your VPN through other proxies, perhaps randomly, to better hide the web browsing history. I don't know if it has been tested before in the courts, but I suspect that the commercial VPN company could be forced by the courts to give up their log files that record the sources of the VPN connections thereby, by court order, making the web browsing not anonymous. But, without a court order, the web browsing is anonymous to the websites that you are visiting.

    And lastly, there are various "tools", for lack of a better word, that reroutes your web browsing through a number of other proxies (computers with their own IP addresses) randomly so that your web browsing cannot be tracked back to you. These tools do not require ML server.

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