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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Peptoe, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Apr 11, 2015

    First time poster here...

    I have a brand new Apple Imac and a one year old Yamaha V575 Receiver. What I'm unsuccessfully trying to do is play my itunes through my Receiver since I have a B zone which I plan on hooking up outside this summer. And of course, nothing works.

    For now, I have a cord from my router right into the receiver (this method works to get internet on my Direct Tv Box). But, when I hook it up to my receiver, nothing happens. I see that Itunes on my MAC recognizes the 575, but when I hit airplay to connect, it doesn't happen.

    Let me also mention that I downloaded the Yamaha controller App on my phone and that doesn't pick up my receiver either. And let me also mention (2x), that when I hook my ipod up through USB in the front, the receiver says connected, the ipod charges, but when I hit net, no device is detected.

    My main goal right now though is to hook up my Mac to my receiver using this cord, and once that works, I'll buy either the Yamaha wireless or bluetooth adaptor.

    So that's my story, I'm hoping there's a nice person out there to walk me step by step on how to get this right. What settings am I messing up? Having 2 young kids, I don't get the luxary of sitting around for hours troubleshooting it all.

    PLS HELP!!!!
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    i have an airplay denon receiver, and i believe on mine you can't use airplay on just the B speakers (i'm currently using 7.1 so don't have the extra set anymore) i think i could send to A & B though

    try rebooting your router, in my several years of dealing with airplay, that fixed it at least 75% of the time. especially the "i see it, but it doesn't connect" problem

    look for WMM in the settings of your router and try flipping the setting to enable/disable depending on where it is.

    if that doesn't work google "airplay (the model of your router)" to see if there are any suggestions.

    try just playing music on your iPod when it's connected via USB, and see if the receiver is smart enough to change it's input.

    if you already have wired ethernet at that location, no need to buy the wifi or bluetooth module, just get a small network switch and a couple short ethernet cables. It'll save you some $$ and give you a more reliable system. Plus in the future if you add an aTV or blu-ray player you can plug that in there too.
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    I'm not familiar with your model of Yamaha, but I also have a Yamaha receiver that is about a year old - model RX600. It has AirPlay, but it only works on audio - not for video. This was not a surprise and was well documented in the specs. I bought it and the audio AirPlay works great. I use my AppleTV if I want to AirPlay a video.

    Thought I'd mention this in case your receiver was similar and you were trying to get it to work with video content.

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