Another battery drain problem

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by rayswrld, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I have a 13" white Macbook, late 2007, running Lion 10.7.5. Recently the original batter drained to 0% overnight with no warning. I worked with the Macbook for a few days with the cord plugged in and when not plugged in it would drain down quickly. The system profiler said "replace soon" or "replace now" depending on whether it was plugged in. With that in mind I purchased a replacement battery from OWC.

    Now system profiler says "normal" but it is still draining rapidly. I checked activity monitor but all is normal and it is draining even when only browsing the internet. On one day it went down at a rate of a complete drain in four hours. Right now it has gone down at the rate of a full drain in 3.5 hours.

    My son said he had a similar problem with his Macbook Pro a number of years ago and researched the problem and found it to be his charger. I don't know how a charger could affect a battery drain but he said when he replaced the charger the battery charge then worked fine. I am reluctant to buy another charger but can't see what else can be causing my problem.

    Any ideas for a solution? And any thoughts on the charger being the cause?

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    I really doubt a charger would be the cause but could you borrow someones charger just so that we can rule that out.
    Also check activity monitor to see which processes are using the cpu and draining battery of faster.
    Also do note that with non apple genuine batteries you may not get the battery life stated by apple.

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