Another bootcamp partition resize problem

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  1. gmoon, Jan 6, 2011
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    Jan 6, 2011
    Running Win 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and OS X 10.6.5. Winclone version is 2.2. I attempted to enlarge my Bootcamp Windows partition (deleted, resized to full, and then resized again with Bootcamp Assistant). I've made several attempts without any success. I have two Winclone images (11/2010 & 1/2011). The latest image doesn't even get started good before I get an error about 2 bad sectors and the one from last year runs all the way through and gives an error at the end. I ran disk repair on the complete partition before rezizing back to bootcamp and it still didn't work. I managed to get a win 7 repair disk to run one time and ran chkdsk on the bootcamp partition that returned no errors. I thought I might be able to install Win 7 fresh and then do a restore from a Windows system image that I have, but I can't get my Windows 7 disk to work when using the Bootcamp Assistant (I get a boot screen with two options (1. & 2. with nothing else visible) at the install point of the process and can't go past there). The last thing I did was resize the partions back to the way they were before this all started (50/50) and restore the 1/2010 image. I'll post the log below. Thanks for any suggestions!
    Thu Jan  6 09:24:35 EST 2011: Partition is : /dev/disk0s3 Thu Jan  6 09:24:35 EST 2011 Thu Jan  6 09:24:35 EST 2011: Restoring:
    Thu Jan  6 09:24:35 EST 2011:
    '/Applications/' -restore -copy_bcd '/Applications/' -disk_device
    /dev/disk0 -ntfs_partition /dev/disk0s3 -v -update_bootini -q -image_dir='/Volumes/Seagate/win7nov.winclone'
    -ntfstools_dir=/Library/NTFSProgs >> ~/Library/Logs/Winclone.log  2>&1 & restoring.....
    getting fdisk info.....
    validating partition type.....
    checking image size.....
    image size file exists, opening.....
    reading image file.../Volumes/Seagate/win7nov.winclone/size..
    read image file.../Volumes/Seagate/win7nov.winclone/size..
    done calculating..
    done checking size..
    Unmounting /dev/disk0s3
    /usr/sbin/diskutil unmount "/dev/disk0s3"return value of unmount is 0
    ==============mounting sparse image============== /usr/bin/hdiutil attach  -nomount "/Volumes/Seagate/win7nov.winclone/Windows.sparsebundle"
    disk device is /dev/disk3
    =====restoring image from disk image=============
     "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone" --rescue -f -f -O "/dev/disk0s3"  /dev/disk3
    ntfsclone v1.13.1 (libntfs 9:0:0)
    NTFS volume version: 3.1
    Cluster size       : 4096 bytes
    Current volume size: 250788966400 bytes (250789 MB) Current device size: 499763888128 bytes (499764 MB)
    (omitted progression)
    100.00 percent completed
    Syncing ...
    return value of  "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone" --rescue -f -f -O "/dev/disk0s3"  /dev/disk2 1>&2 is 0
    =====unmounting disk image==============
    /usr/bin/hdiutil detach /dev/disk2
    return value of /usr/bin/hdiutil detach /dev/disk2 is 0
    "disk2" unmounted.
    "disk2" ejected.
    Volume BOOTCAMP on /dev/disk0s3 mounted
    destination_path is /Volumes/BOOTCAMP
    Unmounting /dev/disk0s3
    /usr/sbin/diskutil unmount "/dev/disk0s3"return value of unmount is 0
    =======copying BCD file=========
    "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfscp" -f "/dev/disk0s3"
    "/Applications/" /Boot/BCD return value of "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfscp" -f "/dev/disk0s3"
    "/Applications/" /Boot/BCD is 0
    Unmounting /dev/disk0s3
    /usr/sbin/diskutil unmount "/dev/disk0s3"return value of unmount is 256
    output is disk0s3 was already not mounted
    "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsresize" -f -f "/dev/disk0s3"
    return value of "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsresize" -f -f "/dev/disk0s3" is 256
    ntfsresize v1.13.1 (libntfs 9:0:0)
    Device name        : /dev/disk0s3
    NTFS volume version: 3.1
    Cluster size       : 4096 bytes
    Current volume size: 250788966912 bytes (250789 MB) Current device size: 251728494592 bytes (251729 MB)
    New volume size    : 251728491008 bytes (251729 MB)
    ERROR: This software has detected that the disk has at least 2 bad sectors.
    * WARNING: The disk has bad sector. This means physical damage on the disk *
    * surface caused by deterioration, manufacturing faults or other reason.   *
    * The reliability of the disk may stay stable or degrade fast. We suggest  *
    * making a full backup urgently by running 'ntfsclone --rescue ...' then   *
    * run 'chkdsk /f /r' on Windows and rebooot it TWICE! Then you can resize  *
    * NTFS safely by additionally using the --bad-sectors option of ntfsresize.*
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    Wow. Nasty. So are you successfully back to where you were before the image or are the bad blocks reported in the logs from when you attempted to restore the 1/2010 image.

    At this point my usual reaction is that the drive has become untrustworthy, and the first thing I'd do is go get a new drive. For $50-$100 the peace of mind is well worth it.

    You could also experiment with creating a new larger image manually using ntfsresize. (Basically substitute a new image for /dev/disk0s3 of the right size then restore the larger image without resizing in /dev/disk0s3).

    Could you send me your complete ~/Library/Logs/Winclone.log? Either zip and attach it to this thread or PM me a link from some file sharing place.

  3. gmoon thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 6, 2011
    Relieved to be back where I started

    I meant that I restored the 1/2011 (not 1/2010) winclone image to the 50/50 partition and the log I posted was from that attempt (failed). I went back after I wrote that post, got the win7 repair disk to run and it saw the windows system image on one of my backup drives (didn't see it during previous attempt). Did a restore from there and now I'm finally back up and running, and like you said-back to where I started. I really needed it to be up for work tomorrow, so it's a relief-although I didn't need the stress of going in the big circle...

    It does appear something is going on with the HD, and I concur with your suggestion and plan to place an order for another HD. I'm not sure if I want to go back with the ST9500420AS since it's been in there less than a year.
    I'll zip up the log and get it out over the weekend (I'm fried from fooling with this thing over the past few days!). I still want to make sure I'm doing everything right so I hopefully won't have to go through this again. Thanks.

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