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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by gothiquegirrl, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I am sorry if this has already been mentioned..

    For all of those who are upset that you are being charged $20 for the new apps while New touch buyers aren't...

    I know that many feel ( i am one of them ) that the apps should have been included from the start.. but they weren't. Regardless of why.. they weren't included - get over it.

    It may have been that AT&T didn't want to put a "no phone -iphone" on the market so soon after the release of the iphone due to competition.. or not.. Who cares. The fact is that apple put out a product and you bought it for what it was and what apps came on it.

    With all the posts around here about "waiting till MWSF to BUY.." - You would think that people would just deal with the $20 charge... Everyone knows that When Apple refreshes their lines with new apps or hardware - your pretty much SOL on getting the new stuff if you bought too far before the event.

    All that happened on the 15th - Apple added a new set of features to the product line and anyone who bought before the features were added have to pay a premium to have them.

    To me the charge was kinda expected.

    I mean if you bought a macbook 2 months before Leopard came out.. you had to pay $79 to upgrade .. However, if you bought the macbook on the day of the annoucement.. you got it free.

    I think it's the same here.

    "Early adopters" paid for the product they bought. For the apps they bought. Nothing more. They saw the product. They liked what they saw.. it was of value to them. They spent money on it.

    I don't see why people are so up in arms about paying $20 for the new stuff.. cause to me it's a no brainer.

    i dunno, JMHO.

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    funny how a user of macrumors, mailed steve jobs 2 months ago asking why apps like mail and widgets from iphone have not been brought to the touch . i cant recall the name, but the answer was something like "the [the apps] have bugs at the moment but they will come in time" or something. :p

    Is to me or, sir jobs made clear that the only reason that the touch don't came with the same set of apps from iphone is tied to Apple quality problems?

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