Another former Apple employee blasts the company

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Rogifan, Nov 22, 2012.

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    A lot of people hate on their past jobs, these guys take it a step further to get some media attention :rolleyes:
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    To be fair, he's making solid points. Apple is horrible at things that involve the internet.
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    Other than the words used , and zdnet having the courage to publish it, there's nothing new in this article. At least to those who know Apple well. No company is perfect in all areas. The only unique aspect when it comes to Apple, is they actually believe they're experts in all fields & market themselves as such.
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    Unlike Crow who was just spouting "pie in the sky" nonsense about Apple hitting it's peak. This guy is brining relevant information imo.

    The more in-tune know that Apple struggles on web stuff beyond Web Kit but he brings up some good points in this article.

    Now it remains to be seen how Apple can close the gap. It may take a few stud hires and a bit of capEx spending beyond just building a data-center to get the ship sailing smoothly.
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    I don't think it's a secret that Jobs was never hot on the idea of web over native or even equals, Xcode has abysmal support, Visual Studio embraces the web stack. I see this article as someone who's peeved about Apples shortcoming embracing the web, I mean Google peaced out of the WebKit; OSS. It's almost like Apple still has a phobia when it comes to embracing the modern web stack.
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    Nothing he writes is really shocking, we know how Notes is setup, or that the store goes offline to update it.

    I think its really more about a typical disgruntled employee ragging on his old job. There were plenty of people doing just that when Jobs was running the show as well.
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    Pretty much agree too, but i don't agree with the way he did it - however i guess he didn't go out of his way to publicly claim this, its just happened.
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    Nothing like reviving a 3 1/2 year old thread (and article) as if it never missed a beat
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    Or as if nothing's changed since then.

    As annoying as the need to associate Notes with an email account was, it was done for the sake of interactivity with IMAP mail services like Gmail that support their own notes capabilities - until Mountain Lion, Notes resided in the Mail app, consistent with its IMAP roots - it was only separate in iOS. If you've upgraded to "iCloud Notes" (the new version on iOS 9 and/or OS X 10.11), Notes will no longer be associated with an email account. Of course, switching to iCloud Notes means no longer syncing with IMAP mail services... I'm sure Mr. Disgruntled would have ragged about that, instead. Or maybe, "It's about time, they should have achieved greater consistency between iOS and OS X much sooner!"
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    Jul 24, 2015
    In this case, it's just ZDNet doing what they do well: clickbait crap.

    I've read the original article: and it's alright criticisim. He's not blasting Apple, Inc. he's just making valid criticism that Apple services are way behind what others companies do for a long time, specifically Google.


    Well, it's true. And I wouldn't call it a "blast" even.

    EDIT: Wow, this is old, noticied now.

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