Another Hulu, ATV post...I know!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Day48, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Day48 macrumors member

    Jun 15, 2009
    I was reading this post about Steve commenting on there not being or ever being blu ray in a mac. And in one of his responses the said:

    Quote: "No, free, instant gratification and convenience (likely in that order) is what made the downloadable formats take off. And the downloadable movie business is rapidly moving to free (Hulu) or rentals (iTunes) so storing purchased movies or TV shows is not an issue.

    I think you may be wrong - we may see a fast broad move to streamed free and rental content at sufficient quality (at least 720p) to win almost everyone over."

    He is talking about it being something that is going to fall to downloadable content and refers to them as "free (Hulu) or rentals (iTunes)". And then in the next paragraph states that Apple with make a "fast broad move" to get these "free and rental content." If he is bring up the Hulu and sees it having a future and Apple is looking to make a move to "win almost everyone over" then I could see them putting Hulu on the ATV and that would be the day I buy it. In this recession, people are looking to save money on whatever they can. I would cut cable if I could have an ATV with Hulu+ and iTunes.

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