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Apr 11, 2005
For starters, hello!. I nice to know this community exists, I am sure most of you know what I mean :eek:

For the record, I just got this Mac so... I barely know how to use this puppy. My problem is that I had Garage Band 1.0 installed, I included the Jam Pack 1 with it. Everything was working fine, until I installed Jam Pack 4. The sound were displayed but for some odd reason it wouldn't open them. So me trying to do things in a rush, decided to uninstall all Garage Band related files, so I can just re-install them again (for kicks). Thanks to my lack of knowledge, I couldn't find a "uninstall" option, So the next thing I did was delete all the files.

Thanks to my intelligent action, now I can't re-install it :( . I have ilife 04, and everytime I try to install this appears:

iLife cannot be installed on this computer.

This installation cannot proceed because one of the following applications is running:

Please quit these apps before installation.

The thing is that nothing is active, so I really am stressing out here. Did I deleted the wrong thing?. Is it the operating system? (MAC OS X 10.3.8 single processor g4).

Please, if anyone has any idea... Please advice.

Thank you


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Apr 16, 2005
I'm having the problem but on my ibook:

iBook G4 933MHz 14"
OS X 10.3.9

Let's keep looking and figure this out!


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Apr 16, 2005
AHA! Installing the items individually works. This from an Applecare search on Sherlock:
iLife '04: Cannot install from CD or DVD

Find out what you can do if your computer doesn't work with the iLife '04 CD or DVD.

When you try to open the iLife '04 installer on the iLife '04 Install CD:

An alert appears that says the computer contains a DVD drive and that you must install iLife from the install DVD.
If you try to install iLife from the DVD as instructed, the computer ejects the DVD as unreadable disc.

The solution is to install the components individually as follows:

Insert the iLife '04 install CD.
In the Install CD window that appears, select the iLife installer package icon in the Finder.
From the File menu, choose Show Original.
In the window that appears, locate the following items:

Open each of the individual installers listed above to install each item that is part of the iLife package.
It's not referencing our problem per se, but it solved my problem.
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