Another iPhone Pre-order Question...(Regarding how many I can pre-order)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by carlili4190, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Jun 8, 2010
    I am currently on Verizon Wireless and I am going to switch over to my GF's family plan when the iPhone 4 comes out. There are three people currently on my GF's family plan and I am going to be the 4th. Will she be able to pre-order the iPhone on her credit card for me or if I order it myself am I considered a "new" customer even though I am adding on to her EXISTING family plan?
    ATT's wording is not to clear

    How many devices can I preorder?
    AT&T stores will sell one iPhone 4 per person for new customers, and one device per household for new orders placed online. Existing customers may purchase one per eligible telephone number online or through our stores.
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    Jun 8, 2010
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    YOU buy the phone as a new customer, then have AT&T activate it to her family plan in a store.
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    Your best bet is to have her order it as a new line from Apple. She can't do an add-a-line to her FamilyTalk plan. Skip the porting of your Verizon number for now. You can port after everything settles down. You have 30 days to complete the port free. Just a call to the Porting Center.

    Once the phone arrives, just activate it and call AT&T Customer Care to merge the new line into the existing FamilyTalk rate plan. At this point it would be good to consider which line you want to be the primary line or anchor line. Pick the line that has the highest MRC ( an iPhone with data and SMS Txt would be best), this line get's the earliest upgrade. It might come in handy next year about this time.... :D


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