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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CosmoPilot, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Okay, it! The new year is approaching an everyone and their dog is wondering about the iPhone5 (iPhone4G/abcdefg).

    This thread is a bit different. Please answer a few questions for consideration and please add to the discussion with other questions if needed.

    To get things started, we all know Apple typically released a revamped version of the iPhone in the summer time. However, the iPhone has enjoyed the "King of the Hill" title since its first release. Remember every phone that came out since late 2007 was "The iPhone killer?" Well, here we are in late 2010, and the "killer" never materialized.

    With that said, Android is making leaps and bounds in terms of market share (I'm sure we'd all agree on this). Therefore, I believe Apple is feeling some pressure to ensure future updates have a WOW factor in them. From 2007 until now, Apple could get away with small tweaks here and there and the audience would go wild! Now, it seams that competition is demanding Apple step up its game (in terms of future releases) to continue pleasing the crowd.

    Question 1: Will Apple stick with its current schedule of releasing tweaks on an annual cycle with minimal gains...OR will Apple need to ensure each future update has something BIG? If you answered BIG, do you think this would cause Apple to get off schedule if they don't have something cooked up and ready to go?

    Question 2: This is probably more for developers of apps, but do you think the worldly success of iTunes & apps will be the ultimate undoing of Apple's iPhone?

    The above question is framed because it seams (and rightfully so), that Apple is entrenched in the app environment. If someday, apps are replaced by some other cool technology...can Apple shift gears to take advantage of it? Remember, the whole "app store" is a new phenomenon. Prior, we didn't even know we "needed" apps. I'm wondering if something else comes along that replaces apps if the entrenchment Apple has created will ultimately be it's undoing...

    Just some food for thought.

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    No one except for apple knows the answers to these questions. Speculating about the possibilities is, imho, a waste of time.

    Just wait and see!

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