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May 19, 2019
Salisbury, North Carolina
After getting through the OS “feature” that caused a lock up when pausing a YouTube video successfully, the latest “feature” seems to be intermittent, though annoyingly frequent, reboots. At least once each 2-3 hour viewing session, my AppleTV (3rd gen) decides it need to reboot itself. It happens during a viewing, mostly on Netflix but also on Hulu and Amazon Prime shows. Can be first show watched, or later. Doesn’t seem to be dependent on what I’m viewing or the service connected to. Not having any power problems confirmed of course by the microwave oven clock not flashing.

Anyone else seeing this?


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Jun 11, 2014
Not seeing my 4th generation do that, but I do see it freeze sometimes. The only way I found to get out of it is to reboot, or to delete and reinstall the particular app.
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