Another March 7 clue -Almost every Refurbished iPad 2 availability date is March 6

Discussion in 'iPad' started by myurkus, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. myurkus macrumors newbie

    Feb 26, 2012
    We all know how secretive Apple is with new product releases; however, I found something interesting that corroborates speculation that the iPad 3 (or something like a 2S...don't forget that possibility!) should be announced on March 7th.

    I was looking at Refurbished iPads

    After adding almost any* refurbished iPad 2 to the cart and selecting "Pick Up" at store, the availability date for almost every** store is March 6.

    I know the community is becoming better at figuring out their top-secret releases, but I figure any clue is worth sharing. (Side-note, happily I should be receiving my tax return at around the same date ;). )

    Thanks for reading, I hope I helped increase your anticipation instead of wasting your time. :eek:


    * - I selected most of the available refurbished iPad 2's on the official site. Practically every Wi-Fi only version indicated that it was March 6th. I found just a few AT&T ones at different dates, but perhaps that is just a matter of more variables involved with dealing with the phone companies.

    ** - I checked several dozen stores on several models. I started in the Chicago area (where I live) and tried a few others in the NY area and elsewhere. (It was easy to check many stores by checking "change store" in the shopping cart, entering a zip-code, and clicking "Check Availability" straight down the list.) "March 6" was almost ubiquitous...
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    Me too, my friend. Me too. :) A few days before, actually.
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    The Universe
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    Nice article.... I should take March 7th off from work :D:D
  7. emoore macrumors regular

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    March 6th also shows up for some accessories that are not in stock. Maybe that's when they are getting a big shipment? Don't really know.

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