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Apr 12, 2001


Apple has posted another new iPhone commercial, entitled 'Fix', to their ad gallery. Similar to 'Read', which was released yesterday, 'Fix' highlights three different applications linked by a common theme. As the title suggests, each application featured in 'Fix' aids in solving a problem of some sort.

- Rocket Taxi [App Store]: locating taxi companies in over 10,000 cities using locations determined by GPS or Wi-Fi
- Tipulator [App Store]: calculating tips on restaurant bills and splitting checks among members of a party using a "slot machine" interface of spinning dials
- MultiLevel [App Store]: ensuring level surfaces using a virtual bubble level

Article Link: Another New iPhone Ad: 'Fix'


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Nov 9, 2008
I guess my first thought is ... with the MULTITUDE of tip and level apps, why did Apple choose Tipulator and MultiLevel??? Is it luck of the draw these two apps were chosen or is something else involved like a rating system?

Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
I think they just want to show a variety of apps, and have the message sink in after a whole series of ads, each with a "random" subset of what's available. The meta-message is: there's an app for anything I might want.


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Jul 15, 2008
Every time I see an iPhone commercial on TV, it still surprises me. Even though I own one, I'm reassured that what I got is a very impressive and powerful product.

Just seeing the other 3G ads on Apple's website gives me a feeling of nostalgia even though it was released just last year! The choice of music adds even more feeling to the ads. I could easily see these ads in another 10 years and wonder where I was during the iPhone 3G's time.


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Dec 14, 2008
New York
what does it "fix"?

it's another show about finger dancing, i guess.
apple's always selling his ideas about tech lifestyle.



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Jan 25, 2007
In ur GF's bed, Oh no he didn't!
I guess my first thought is ... with the MULTITUDE of tip and level apps, why did Apple choose Tipulator and MultiLevel??? Is it luck of the draw these two apps were chosen or is something else involved like a rating system?

My first thought was that "fix" was an advertisement aimed at AT&T's 3G speeds and how they need to "fix" them:rolleyes:


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Feb 5, 2009
Wait or buy 16 g i phone now


This is my first time posting, so excuse me if Im in the wrong thread, but if one or some of you could take the time to answer my questions, I can post something of significant value (information that if you imbibe, can save you a ton of money ; hint, Im a DUI defense lawyer);

1) IS there any reason to wait on something new in the iphone range or should I just buy it now? Im thinking of buying it at best buy because they havea covers everything type of warranty and apple doesnt.

2) Also thinking of buying the Tb timecapsule, although Id like a little more room; a) is it possible to set up a raid mirroring program on this, and; b) will apple be offering a 1.5 or larger TB unit and when about if so; c) can one set up not only a RAID using another HD, but also sau place say a 1.5 TB in my hideous Dell devil 9100 using an extra bay and then have that act as an overflow drive or is that intercomputer marriage still constitutionally forbidden?

3) Im thinking of getting a macair to throw in my briefcase and play with in court; ' a) is the SSHD better due to a lack of moving parts if Im going to be hard on it and; 2) can one actually switch out the 80 g for teh 64 g SSHD or have an apple tech do it, or is the motherboard interface different;

4) Also getting a 24" imac or two, should I agin wait like apple techs are telling me for the quad core rumored to come out, when I dont really need the processing power it offers>?

5) I just put a g of ram in my kids `1ghz emac; will it run leaopard successfully or is it just too big; with airport express and teh time machine above, can I link it to the sytem with anything ele and still have auto back up??

Thanks for any responses and if you respond off list Ill be happy to answer any legal question I can on criminal or family law!
my email is:



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Jan 20, 2009

I'm not sure where to list this info...hope this is okay..
If your getting stuck on the Apple Logo after trying to jailbreak your iphone3G, I figured out what to do.
After asking and getting no help from anyone I found that if you will RESTORE your iphone3G to the factory settings then do the jailbreak it will work just fine. Then since you have done a backup before trying the jailbreak just reinstall all your APPs and any other programs you had.
I used the QUICKPWN 225-2 zip and the firmware iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_RESTORE.ipsw. My iPhone3G was running 2.2.1 firmware and has not been unlocked. I downloaded these from the web site.
I looked everywhere for help and could not find it so I hope this helps someone.
Just get to factory settings then do the break then reinstall your backup(its automatic).
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