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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by AbeFrohman, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Because of the prices of bands, I wanted to be sure what I wanted, so didn't just order at the stroke of midnight last night. Instead, booked a try-on appointment for this morning at 10:15 (Apple Store, South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA).

    My Apple store rep

    Nice guy - admitted that he had seen the watch for the first time himself an hour before I got there. Basically, we checked it out together. There were some people milling about to try on the watch without an appointment - I think they all managed to get seen. It wasn't the normal launch rush I expected.

    38 vs 42

    I'm tall (6'3"), but fairly thin wrists (185 mm). I thought the 42 would be the way to go. My rep pulled out a Sport to try and it looked so small, I thought he pulled out a 38 by mistake. Nope - it was a 42. Did not look "huge" as many people have said. I am a daily watch/Pebble wearer, so from just looking at it even before I tried one on, it didn't look overwhelmingly large. The 38 did look noticeably smaller and looked too small on my wrist.


    That's a 42 SS on the classic buckle.

    Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

    Both are nice - I'm not going to rehash all the old threads where people have debated the pros and cons of each - I was just looking at fit & finish. Two very well made products. The Sport did feel lighter (obviously), so unless you wear a decent size watch regularly, the SS will probably feel "heavy" until you get used to it. I hardly noticed that I had the Sport on.

    Straps & Bracelets

    I tried the sport strap, the link bracelet, the Milanese, the classic buckle and the leather loop.

    Sport - Very comfortable and "smooth" feeling on my wrist. Not stiff like some plastic bands. I do worry that it will be a lint magnet. In order to get the sensors against your wrist for proper readings, it has to be fairly snug. I happened to fall right between two sizing holes. One was just a little too loose (although how I would normally wear a watch) and the next down made it feel too snug. Maybe it's just because I don't normally wear a watch that snugly on my wrist.

    Link bracelet - A very, very well made piece of jewelry. As it flexed around my wrist, it felt very supple and smooth. The clasp works flawlessly and it does give a completely seamless underside to the bracelet. My only negative observation is that the whole thing felt sharp on the edges. Not as though it was going to cut, but not as rounded as other metal bands I have. You definitely feel the squared off edge of the bracelet if you run your finger along it.

    Milanese - I tried it on just to say I did. It's not my personal style, but it has the infinite adjustability factor. Felt quite good on the wrist.

    Classic Buckle - Definitely the most conventional looking strap choice. The leather seemed well made, color saturation was perfect, no rough or odd spots on the leather. My concern would be how well the leather would hold up with repeated on/off over time. We've all had belts and leather watch bands that end up with permanent creases and cracks from constant flexing at the same spot. I wish they had the same leather and style, but with a deployment clasp. That would be my hands down winner. Maybe in the future or with a third party band...

    Leather loop - Also gives a much more precise adjustability. The band it self feels substantial with the magnets in it. Clicks on and holds firmly. I wondered if you could inadvertently undo the band if you caught it on something on your desk, for example. I don't think so. It would have to be at just the right angle and a deliberate pull to "accidentally" undo the magnetic hold and somehow loosen this.

    Taptic feedback

    This was by far the thing I wanted to experience first hand. It has been described as a tap on your wrist that is silent to others around you.

    Hmm... I wouldn't call it a "tap" as much as I would say that it felt like the whole watch shuddered. It's definitely noticeable. And it's also undetectable unless you're wearing the watch on your wrist. It's definitely not a buzzing motor like a phone or in the Pebble - it's a whole new way to alert you. I like it. Seems like it'd be hard to miss a notification unless you were running and bouncing your arm or doing some other activity that would cause your whole arm to jostle substantially.

    Digital crown, scrolling and buttons

    The digital crown scrolls with just enough resistance so it doesn't feel loose, but not so firmly that you feel like you're working against it. Turning of the crown scrolls the screen in a very appropriate ratio. It doesn't feel like you have to scroll and scroll to get down the screen - nor does it seem like you zoom past things too easily. A very well thought out interface. Scrolling with a finger on the screen - same sort of experience as on an iPhone. Fluid and precise.

    Pressing either the crown as a button or the side button worked smoothly - no clunkiness or clicking.

    I did miss the on-screen taps a couple of times when trying to tap a button on a message screen or to select a particular icon, but for the most part, the screen was very responsive. The force touch worked well to bring up customizations of watch faces, etc.


    The watches I physically tried on were all non-functioning, but I got to check out the demo models on display. They only had the stock apps on and running. I do wish there was a way to reply to emails from the watch with speech to text, but all you can do with an email is archive, delete or mark as unread. My fingers are crossed for future reply functionality. I realize a wrist-worn device isn't intended to send a lengthy email, but sometimes, a quick response is all that's needed and you don't have that function at this time.

    The rest of the Watch ecosystem integrated well. The pre-populated events all showed up on the calendar and made sense when viewed in one of the digital watch configurations with upcoming events on the home clock face.


    Yes, my not ordering right away means I won't get it on launch day, but from how fast shipping dates slipped, it doesn't seem like many people will. But I did get a chance to finalize my thoughts. I bought a gift card for the exact amount to get a 42mm Apple Watch with the black sport band. I'll wait for a while to see what happens with third party bands before adding any other bands. For now (whenever "now" is with shipping), I'm looking forward to adding the Apple Watch to my daily arsenal.
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    Informative review. Thanks for sharing!

    I think the SS w/ black classic buckle, black sports band, and black leather loop all look about the same (tried those on this morning). I think I like the black leather loop the best. Just so easy to take on and off, and very adjustable. But I like the sports band too, and have ordered that, with a leather strap to go with it.

    The classic buckle was nice enough looking, but i didn't like the loop holding the excess strap, and though it would be annoying to take on and off daily (maybe several times daily if showering, swimming, gym, etc.).

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