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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by captainbeefheat, Jun 5, 2006.

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    mkay, some of you may or may not remember i asked a question about rebates a while back. I think when the advice that was given it was assumed that I actually understood what I had to do to obtain that rebate. Which I didn't. And only recently found out when I rang up apple.

    Anyway I assume the procedure for a rebate is standard, that you fill in the form and send it back. I didn't know you were supposed to do that. And was never told that I had to. Plus do not recall being given a form. Apple emailed me one and it says I had a month within the purchase to send that back..that was about 5 months ago.

    Do I have any ground, or more to the point do I have any chance of still getting the rebate if I ring apple and explain this all. It makes me wonder if it wasn't the fault of the person I ordered it off i.e. he should of explained it but didn't, he made a number of mistakes while I placed the order, adding wrong specs to the order giving me the wrong prices, but luckily I had checked prices so knew when he did so the order went out correctly, although he also duplicated my order so I got two...

    Anyway any input would be cool.
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    Hmm.. I would say that you aren't entitled to anything since you didn't ask anything at the time of purchase. Sure the sellers are supposed to be helpful and inform you on everything they know, but some just forget, or are bad sales people. The only possibility of you getting anything is if they feel sorry for you, and since it was a bad associate, you can maybe throw that in, and say you asked and the sales person said they would send you the rebate in the mail, in a few weeks (but that would be a complete lie). Other than that, they aren't obligated to do anything. This is where most rebates help out the company, when people forget, or in your case, didn't even know what it was.

    Sorry bud, this doesn't look good if your lookin for something. Next time if you aren't sure of a certain deal you need to ask. I know I've forgotten to send in rebates, and gotten screwed by deals, by not asking about the "fine print", but that's how you learn. I've taken the "everything will work out in the end" route one too many times with bad results.
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    The only reason rebates are offered instead of direct discounts, is the seller is counting on 60 - 70 % of the rebate claims never being made. So instead of offering a $30 reduction they can offer a $100 rebate, which sells more units.
    That is why you have such specific hoops to jump through to gain the rebate "Cut out the original serial number from the box, send an original invoice, before blah blah date withing the hours of x and x and only under a full moon."

    A rebate is not a price reduction that you are entitled to. It is a contract that says "If you do this this and this, then you get a cheque."
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    Jan 21, 2006
    Hmmm yeah I was afraid of that. Well that's £60 I won't see again! I didn't entirely trust it in the first place as why not just give you 50% off to start with!

    Then it was for office which I rarely use anyway! I did use entourage for mail but it's just a pain and a few odd problems I was having seems to have disappeared since going over to Mail. So don;t think I'll be using that anymore.

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