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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jaikob, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    So recently I've noticed that the left part of the display panel (When the macbook pro is closed) is starting to curve upward, Warping some seem to call it. Its been getting harder to open the MPB, the button has to be pushed in so far that I have to use my fingernails to push it in just to get it to open. and it seems to get only worse (So does the warping, gaining mm's by days). When the MPB is closed, the left front corner seems to move (on a flat surface) as opposed to the right which does not move at all. Keep in mind that the MBP is not even 14 days old. So I gave apple a call, and mentioned that Im experiencing this this and that, he gives the ocassional ok, and "what does it do when you do this" answers, and schedules a repair. I also asked if they could look at the hard drive because it is making a Whirring/humming noise, that i can hear with ambient noise in the backround, and the TV on.

    He gives me the repair number, and says technicians will diagnose it.

    Will they replace the "whole display" like i Would like them to, or will they throw it back at me, and call me retarded and stupid for caring about the cosmetic quality of the $3,300 I put into the machine?

    And roughly, does it require a backorder, like the logic boards sometimes do, to replace the display?

    I also have the Applecare plan on the MBP aswell.
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    Since the machine is only 14 days old, they'll probably just swap it out for a new one. That by the way, is what you should insist on when you take it in.


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