Another review for the Slickwraps Natural Series Skins for the MacBook Pro

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    IMG_4746.JPG IMG_4747.JPG I recently purchased a new 2015 13” MacBook Pro Retina, and wanted another Slickwraps Naturals Skin for it.

    As in my first review of this product for my 15” MacBook Pro Retina, this skin also will protect my 13" MBP from scratches, and add a little character and warmth to such a fine machine. Review here:“natural-series-skins-for-macbook”-review.2016449/

    I was so pleased with the Slickwraps skin for my 15”, no additional research was necessary, as this is an excellent product. Their website is nice, and customer service is excellent.

    They have a great selection, but again, I was immediately drawn to their “Natural Series Skins For MacBook”, which are made from real leathers and wood. There are 11 elegant skins to choose from for the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and even The New 2016 MacBooks; Here is the link:

    Slickwraps Website Description:
    “Introducing the Natural Series for the Macbook. These genuine, real leather & wood wraps are guaranteed to give your Macbook a touch of class and sophistication like never before! We use a patented adhesive on these products that will allow you to remove your wrap with ZERO adhesive residue.

    Nature itself is worked into the texture of every piece of genuine leather. Every steer has its own history and experiences, leaving behind small healed scars in the hide. The scars result in characteristically beautiful marks on the finished leather. Such beauty marks are your conclusive proof of genuine leather. No two steers are the same, so we can't guarantee your wrap will look exactly like the picture. What can we guarantee? Your genuine leather wrap will have a sophistication and beauty like no other!

    Each piece of timber has its own character and background thanks to mother nature. Every piece of real wood is hand picked, hand finished and precision cut to the highest quality standards in the world”

    Delivery was super fast, and well packaged to preclude shipping damage.

    Installation was just as easy as on my 15” MBP; just clean the cover with the provided Microfiber cloth. then break in the contour lines which will allow it conform to the rounded edges of the MacBook top, align the bottom edge, peel off the backing, and press it on.

    Slickwraps offers an excellent installation video on their site, and also on YouTube, and if you follow it, you will have a perfect installation.


    The Bottom line is the quality of the Slickwraps Natural Series Skins For MacBook exceeded my expectations. The wood finish is exceptional, providing excellent protection while adding a new level of beauty to my MacBook. They are so confident in their products, they offer a one year warranty

    If you want to protect your MacBook Pro, while adding an awesome level of beauty, check out the Slickwraps Natural Series Skins For MacBook; you wont be disappointed.
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    Interesting how they make it fit with the contour lines.
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    Yes it is, and such a perfect fit also!

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