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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by geckokid25, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Hello Mac users. First post, and its somewhat urgent. I recently bought an iPod touch and have been very pleased with it. However, the other day I pulled it out of my pocket and noticed a large scratch in the center of the screen. I am fairly certain it was caused by a burr on my Sennheiser headphone's jack. I'm fairly disappointed in how fast it got a scratch on it from only having it for a month or two. I read a post on this forum dated October/November of last year and saw that the person was able to return the iPod by using a tiff file if I understand correctly. My ipod is running version 2.0.2 software. I successfully downgraded to 2.0 without any trouble. How do I prevent the ipod from syncing using a tiff file? At what software version does the ipod allow a tiff to upload to the ipod and therefore prevent it from syncing? I hope I am understanding all of this correctly. Also, what software version for the ipod touch was out right before the new iphone came out. Hope this will work so I can return it and get a new one, and this time buy some screen protectors.

    Evan O.
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    Is this what you are referring to?
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    How about accepting the fact that you yourself scratched it? Don't try to scam someone out of your own mistake.

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