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    Feb 18, 2017
    Hello, I have a mid 2012 13.3" MBP non-retina. 500gb hdd and a lousy 4 ram. i5 dual core. (ivy bridge?)
    anyway i am getting into video editing. Lightworks says that it wont run optimally on my computer with the chosen graphics card and recommends that i switch to a different one. So my question is should I even bother upgrading the ram to 16gb and hdd to ssd if i cant even change the graphics card and processor?
    For now I am just using hitfilm and it is crashing, its choppy, laggy, and i'm still just learning the basics of video editing! I am also considering just buying a newer one. but I cant spend more than 900usd and the 13" mbp im looking at would only have a non-upgradable 8gb ram and 128gb flash drive and thinner and lighter (still not an mac air) not sure what year it was but i know the speakers were under the keyboard. So I guess my question is would a 2015 MBP with an I5 and only 8gb ram be faster than my mid 2012 after a max upgrade?
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    A 2015 MacBook Pro I5, 8 GB will be faster than your Mid 2012 non retina. You can always try to sell your 2012 machine and use what you get from it to help pay for a newer and faster machine. The key to doing video editing is to try to get a machine with the best graphics you can afford. Fast PCIE storage and lots of memory will also help.
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    I agree with chscag above.
    The 2015 models offer a nice balance between power and price, with a full complement of legacy ports.

    At the very least, you could add an SSD and a single 8gb DIMM to the 2012 MBPro, and have a nicely-upgraded machine.
    Either sell it or keep it around as a spare.
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    The 15" of any vintage is much better than a 13" because of both cpu and graphics processor. My late 2011 15" MBP works great with Final Cut Pro. The 13" aluminum MacBook I had before (and which was really a 13" MBP in disguise) was much slower with iMovie. If you don't want to buy new, just buy a used 15" MBP.

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