Answer on Watch but picks up on phone

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by elbartino, May 13, 2015.

  1. elbartino macrumors member

    Apr 21, 2015
    Has any one had this issue. My phone was at my desk whilst I was in the warehouse. (Still in range) I clicked answer on my phone and could see it had answered but heard nothing. I went through to my phone and the person that rang could be heard on that... Any one else had this?
  2. wdfly macrumors regular

    Apr 23, 2015
    restart your phone (power and home button till shuts off) also restart watch. i had it yesterday and that fixed it.
  3. elbartino thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 21, 2015
    I'll try it now thanks

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