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  1. mikedrinks macrumors newbie

    Mar 16, 2009
    So I went swimming with my iPhone in my pocket yesterday... this seems to have worked for me, maybe it will for you, but obviously no guarantee. The warranty's void, so what have you got to lose?

    1. DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON, OFF OR WAKE IT UP! Fight the instinct. Wrap it in a towel and try to remember that life goes on. My theory is that any new electricity flowing through may cause a short in the electronics. Hopefully you too thought of that. Mine seemed to automatically shut off, but I'll never really know.

    2. BUY A NESCO AMERICAN HARVEST FOOD DEHYDRATOR. Even at $70 it beats replacement cost at the Apple store. Plus, you get to make jerky to celebrate if it works! The FD-60 Snackmaster looks like one I have. I hate to say it, but Target or Walmart may have one in stock.

    3. Pop out the sim card with a paper clip, I even took out the tiny bottom screws.

    4. Shake out the water. Then give it a blow with canned air GENTLY in the earpiece, headphone jack and USB port.

    5. Leave it in the bottom rack of the dehydrator set between 105 and 115 degrees for 24 hours. Like a really hot day in the desert. It felt warm to the touch, but not hot.

    Mine wouldn't turn on after I pulled it out of the dehydrator. Then I plugged it into my iMac and lo and behold the Apple startup came on. I would suggest not doing that and instead plugging it into the USB charger. Maybe I got lucky, but I've ran through all the options, wireless, phone (receive & call), text message just came in, motion and camera work. Everything appears to work, even the screen looks normal.

    If it stops working I'll post the bad news.

    Good luck!
  2. mikedrinks thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 16, 2009
    First problem...

    I've just noticed that when you look at the screen from an extreme angle, there is what looks to be like scribbling on the screen. Like a brush stroke... intentional. Like an image overlay or a watermark. Straight on the screen looks fine. My guess is that is displayed as part of the water sensor that Apple uses to check for immersion when people show up and say, "It just stopped working." Not a great feature. Am I wrong?

    Not likely that I'll pay for a replacement though if everything else works fine.
  3. cocky jeremy macrumors 601

    cocky jeremy

    Jul 12, 2008
    Columbus, OH
    My friend dropped his in snow that was melting and threw it in some rice for a few hours and it dried it out all together and it works fine. Just another idea to try.
  4. madjik macrumors newbie

    Mar 19, 2009
    answer to iphone in the water

    same problem with me,mike.but the difference is i blow dry it with my industrial blower(not the hairdryer type) all the holes in upper and lower part of the iphone(i.e. the earjack ,speaker and mic) then bought silica gel available in hardwares,put the iphone and silica gel in a plastic then sealed it and put in a dry place for 2 days.silica gel absorbs the moist of the unit after 2 days brought out the iphone plug it in my desktop unit and it works!as of today, can say that it's 95% working,the loudspeaker is not working,but it can still received incoming calls,can make outgoing calls, can send and received text messages, the lcd screen shows some diagonal fine lines indicating that water sip in, but it started to fade cause i still put in the plastic bag w/ silica gel hoping to get rid of those lines.some forums i visited suggest that you put the wet iphone in a jar of uncooked rice for 3-5 days (in substitute for silica gel)

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